Enail Dab Kit / Vaporizer - User Manual

User Manual - Enail Dab Kit / Vaporizer (dp-tv150dp-tv150pro

Parts List:

- Temperature Control Box
- Titanium Nail with Universal Base
- Titanium Cap with Dab-Tip Handle
- 16mm Heater Coil
- Power Cord
- Spare Fuse

How to Use:

- Plug the heater coil cable into the temperature control box.
- Place the universal base on your glass joint according to its size and fitting. 
Tip: Universal base can be changed from Male to Female types, simply unthread the base and reverse it.
Plug the power cord into the temperature control box, and turn on the power switch on the front of the box.
- Adjust the temperature to your desired setting if needed.         
Tip: Lower temperatures will give more flavorful vapor.  Higher temperatures will give more dense vapor.
- Your Tabletop Vaporizer is now ready for use.

Important Notices!

Question: What is the difference between vaporizer and vaporizer pro?
Answer: Firstly, two kinds of vaporizers have the same PID temp controller box. the enail kit of dp-tv150 is made of complete titanium, and dp-tv150pro is combined with a quartz dish and titanium nail.

Question: The Enail comes set temp for Fahrenheit to Celsius?
Answer: The Enail located in North American with Fahrenheit, and In Europe with Celsius.

Question: Why the Enail has 20 degrees difference between SV and PV while working?
Answer: Since the thermocouple and heating element share the same rods, the thermocouple detects the temperature of the coil heater causing the difference. The issue is not caused only to our Vaporizer, to all of the types of designed Enail.

Question: What is the recommended temperature setting?
Answer: We recommend a temperature range of 450-700F.  Lower temperature will give a more flavorful vapor whereas higher temperature will give a more dense vapor. 

Question: Can I use kief in my Enail?
Answer: No, kief, sift, and hash may contain plant matter which will not melt and vaporize properly.  Full melt concentrates, such as rosin and wax are able to be used with the Enail. 

Question:  How to keep the dish surface clean?
Answer: A dry cotton swab can be used to clean up unvaporized oil from the dish after it’s vaporized.  A wet cotton swab can be used to help steam clean and renew the surface. 

Question: How to deep clean the titanium nail?
Answer: Simply wait for the nail to be cooled off completely, then disassemble the base and nail, removing the heater coil.  Place the titanium base and nail in a small glass with 190-proof alcohol and allow it to soak overnight. 

Question: Can I use the enail without the titanium cap?
Answer: Yes, but you will have to increase your set temperature much higher.  Usually, you will get the best vapor production when using the titanium cap with lower temperature settings. 

Question: What connector type is the heater coil?
Answer: 16mm heater coil uses an XLR 5-pin connection to the temperature control box. 

Question: I have an XLR 5-pin heater coil from another manufacturer, can I use it with the temperature control box?
Answer: Please check your heater coil manufacturer pin wiring for XLR 5-pin connection and insure it matches.

Tip: Dabpress brand wiring is listed below (failure to verify it may result in damage to your temperature control box):

1- Power (Blue)
2- Power (Blue)
3- Thermocouple + (Red)
4- Thermocouple - (Black)
5- Ground (Yellow)

Question: How is the nail universal?
Answer: The titanium nail has a reversible base that fits in both male and female glass joint types with steps for the popular sizes. 

Question: What size joints will the universal nail fit?
Answer: 18mm/14mm/10mm Male or Female


1 - There is dark staining on the dish after many uses

Use a cotton swab, both dry and wet, to clean the dish after every session.
Try lowering your temperatures
Deep clean the dish by soaking it in 190-proof alcohol overnight

2 - There is oil left in the dish but no vapor remains.

Usually, this is from nonessential oils that won’t vaporize at the set temperature.
Increasing your set temperature may vaporize more of the oil however it may negatively impact flavor.
Try using a cleaner oil such as rosin made from sift versus flower.

3 - The titanium cap gets too hot.
Remove the titanium cap from the nail when your oil has finished producing vapor, as to keep it cool.

4 - When I turn on the temperature control box the temperature exceeds the set temperature.
This is normal during pre-heat when the temperatures will exceed the set temperature, however, it will stabilize at the set temperature shortly after pre-heating.

5 - The dish temperature does not match the set temperature on the control box.
This is due to the titanium nail being separate from the heater coil, usually, the temperature difference on the dish is around 50-60F lower than the set temp.

6 - I get no vapor after I load my oil into the dish.
Insure that the temperature control box is set to at least 450F.
Place the titanium cap on top of the dish while you breathe in the vapor.

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