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How to bleed your bottle jack?

1. Open the release valve. To do this insert the notched end of the jack handle onto the release valve and turn it counter-clockwise 1/2 turn.
2. Remove the fill plug on the back of the bottle jack.
3. Insert the jack handle into the socket and pump it 10 times quickly to purge any air.
4. Close the release valve. To do this insert the notched end of the jack handle onto the release valve and turn it clockwise until it's fully closed.
5. Replace the fill plug on the back of the bottle jack.

You may need to repeat this process.

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Yes! We Can Take off Nameplate(Logo) and Attach in the Package If Be Required.
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What Kind of Products Can You Buy Here?

Rosin Press Plates
 - Build Your Own Hydraulic Rosin Press
All-in-One Rosin Press - Impact Small Size Rosin Press
Dab Tool Kits - Collect and Store Your Rosin
Pre Press Mold - Produce Great Pucks For Pressing 
Rosin Filter Bag - Yield Your Buds When Pressing
Rosin Bag Holder - Prevent to Burn Your Fingers
Canna Storage - Treat Your Buds for High Yield  

We Offer Free Shipping to U.S. If Minimum Purchased Order Is over $299.

We Also Offer Free Shipping to E.U.,North Amercia, Australia, New Zealand and UK If Minimum Purchased Order Is over $399.

Definitely Yes! dp-rp35 Has the Same PID temp Controller Box with Rosin Cage Kit dp-rp35s. You Will Be Charged only $150 Shop Now

Apology to that! 

dp-rp37 Rosin Cage Kit - 165mm Heating Rods 600 Watts.

dp-rp35 Rosin Uncaged Kit - 115mm Heating Rods 500 Watts.

We Don't Recommend to Upgrade into 3x7" Rosin Cage Kits from 3x5" Uncaged Rosin Press Plates Because of Slow Heating up. If You Insist on Upgrading into 3x7" Rosin Cage Kits, You only Pay $180 Shop Now

For orders from America & Canada, most of packages will be sent out from the local warehouse. If the items is out of stock in the local warehouse, we are going to ship it out from the factory warehouse with DHL priority. Usually, It will reach your door within 5 days If your location is not far away from the downtown.

For orders from the outside America & Canada, we only fulfill your purchase with DHL priority. It will reach your door within 5 days.

We offer free shipping to the United States While the entire order over $299, and to the orders outside the United States, $399 to be required to get free shipping.

We Only Offer 220 Voltage Rosin Press Plates Or AIO Rosin Press From Our Official Website Till Now. 

Well! If your entire purcahse is eligible to get discount and we didn't fix the issues on time. Just pay full amount and then contact us for a partial refund.

First of all, I apologized to bring the inconvenience. It caused since many reason.

1, You live faraway from the downtown

2, Force majeure - heavy snow & rain 

3, Human Factors

  • The warehouse guy sent the wrong items by mistake
  • Amazon can't fulfill your order on time

I am trying to avoid such things happening. I do hope you understand us.

As of February 2019. 

In the United States, California warehouse and Amazon warehouse.

In Canada, we have a warehouse located in Vancouver.

The warehouses build in plan:

UK warehoues, I wish it will be completed before Aug,2019.

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