Promotion in Harvest Season

First of all, thank you all for your satisfaction with our service and quality. Especially thanks to the help of my friend James (Tech Support) who is doing a lot of educations and improve the skill in solventless extraction.

Secondly, this is our first promo to celebrate growers in getting a good harvest in summer. We are going to start the same promo on November If missing it.

Finally, We are trying constantly to improve our service and quality of product & develop the new model to meet the needs of rosineers. If you feel unhappy in the whole process, don't hesitate to contact us. Maybe It will spend several days. 

Money Off  - Save 10% on Your Entire Order Over $299 ( from $399 into $299 )

  • Code: DP10 
  • Validity: Till 20th, July 2019

Buy One Get One Free - Buy Portable & DIY Rosin Press Kit Get PrePress & Filters

  • Buy 6-ton press get 2x4 pre-press mold free 
  • Buy 3-ton press get 2x4 filter free 
  • Buy 10-ton press get 2x4 pre-press mold free 
  • Buy 3x7 caged press get combo free 
  • Buy 3x5 caged press get combo free 
  • Buy 4X7 caged press get combo free 
  • Buy 3x5 uncaged press get combo free 

Well-noted, Please!

  • Both of MONEY-OFF and BOGO deal is unable to apply at the same purchase.
  • COMBO including 3-piece cylinder prepress mold and 40pcs 2x4 160-micron filters.
  • Please try your best to pick up the models from the warehouse near you.

    Solventless Extraction Journal of the Month - Contest Winner

    Where to Post:

    • Posted "unbiased" product review on Amazon or eBay if you had real purchase.
    • Posted "unbiased" product review on Reddit or Forum related to the rosin press.
    • Posted "unbiased" product review on Instagram or Facebook to get 50 comments.
    • Posted product review on YouTube or Vimeo about our rosin heat press.

    Winner Located:

    • The United States
    • European Union
    • Canada

    The Gift to Winner - ( One of the listed item )

    • Bamboo dab tools kit
    • Combo of cylinder prepress mold & filters
    • 2x4 rosin puck maker


    • Promo season from 20th, June to 19th, July 2019

      Warehouse Locations: 

      American Warehouse 

      • Most of the products are available in the American warehouse.
      • No customs duties were charged If we ship it out from the factory.

      Canadian Warehouse >

      • Please check it out on detail page of the products.
      • Few duties fees to be required by customs

      European Warehouse >

      • You don't need to pay import duties if you option delivery from Europe warehouse.
      • We are going to fulfill your order based on the warehouse you pick up.
      • You don't need to pay extra money if you pick up bundle order.

      List of Items in Europe Warehouse - All of the Listed Models Available from June 19, 2019

      Please check it out on the detail page.

        Dabpress Team

        20th, May 2019 

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