Kief, Dry Sift, Trim, Bubble Hash Rosin Press


Kief | Dry Sift | Trim | Bubble Hash - Rosin Press

  • Kief Rosin Press
  • Dry Sift Rosin Press 
  • Bubble Hash Rosin Press 

Opt 1: If You Have Enough Space to Rosin Extraction, Build A Rosin Press Is A Better Choice.

How to Maximize Rosin Yield in Pressing Kief | Dry Sift | Trim | Bubble Hash | Sugar Leaves?

  • Heat - Accurate Temp Detected from Your Rosin Press 
  • Pressure - Ideal Pressure of Force with A Hydraulic Press 
  • Rosin Mold - Prepress Your Material Before Pressing
  • Rosin Bags - Suitable Micron Rosin Filter to Get Pure Rosin Oil

How to Get Ideal Yield in Pressing Flower Rosin, Trim, Bubble Hash, Sugar Trim, or Leaves to Get High Yield?

Set up A Hydraulic Rosin Press with anodized rosin press plates with Dabpress Plates

  • 3x7 Rosin Cage Kit - Build A Rosin Press 
  • 4x7 Rosin Press Plates Kit - Build A Rosin Press 
  • 4x7 Rosin Plates | Paired with 20 Ton Hydraulic Press 
  • 3x7 Rosin Cage Kit  | Paired with 20 Ton Hydraulic Press 
Note: Procure A 20 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press with Both of them to Maximize High Yield 

Opt 2: All-in-One Hydraulic Rosin Press Well Suited to Squish Cannabis Extraction at Home
  • 3x5 Sized Anodized Rosin Plates
  • Above 6 Ton Pressure 
  • Accurate Temp Delivered
  • Affordable Price and Great Aftersale


  • Posted on by Buddy Seymour

    Save your money. Poor quality. Jack wouldn’t send the free dab kit. Nice way to treat Veterans

  • Posted on by Michael

    Perfect plate alignment accurate temperature control and plenty of pressure that fits on my kitchen table. I am glad I went with the pump and press package.

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