How to Collect Your Honey/Sappy Rosin from Parchment Paper?

How to Collect Your Honey/Sappy Rosin from Parchment Paper?


"You have been very helpful. I am having a very difficult time removing the product from the parchment? Do some strains seem to gather better than others? I have tried most of the tricks and tips online. I keep the temp at 190 for the initial press and then to 220 for the second press of the same product. I have tried times for 1 to 3 minutes. Firm pressure on a 12-ton jack, not enough for the blowout or bleed through. I'm getting good to excellent yield, color dark green. Product consistency is like thick butter. My flower is old so I don't expect honey. Got any tips? If not you have a great holiday."


"For collecting honey like sap consistency rosin that has a very high terpene content, it may be required to use a cold pack like a baking sheet from the freezer to lay the parchment on, and manipulate the temperature of the rosin on the parchment with the cold baking sheet. Once you have it collected, you can put it into your storage container while it is still fairly stable.
For collecting budders, it would still benefit from using a cold pack, however, it may require to lay down on a silicone mat and use a flat edge collection tool to gently scrape the rosin off of the parchment.
Your times and temperatures are standard, the pressure doesn't sound excessive. Too much pressure is often noticed by tears in the parchment where the puck is, or bleed through onto the plates or the 2nd layer of parchment (if used)"

Rosin Pressing Technique:

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  • Jason Smith On

    Your technique sounds right. Do you press using the bottle tech method? If not, then search the bottle tech method on youtube. Other than that, its your material. The rosin press tells the truth. Just because it was a great strain to smoke, doesnt mean it has a lot of oils to give up. For cannabis the cannabinoids, terpenes , and essential oils are made independent of each other. You can have 1 and not the other and still have bomb weed nut little rosin. Another way to drastically increase yield (and quality and flavor) is to make bubble hash first. Then press the bone dry hash. If you make it with fresh frozen materal, well, then your quality, potency, and yield really go up. Hope this helps someone.
  • Darryle Dunn On

    Not happy with my return ,I’m pressing flower ,3 1/2 gram pucks prepressed with 40mm prepress. flower RH is 62%

    Using double parchment, temp settings 200F ,30 second warm up then slowly increase pressure every 30 seconds to 10 Mpa total time 3 1/2 minutes I’m only getting 9 to 10% return,what am I doing wrong

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