What Is The Best Rosin Plate Kit?

What Is The Best Rosin Plate Kit?

Looking for the best way of enjoying the nug bud of cannabis?

You must have this incredible innovative dab machine to satisfy your flower nug. Rosin cube kit is an innovative machine that extracts higher quality rosin flower. Rosin cube kit is a rosin heat press unit with two anodized 6061 aluminum blocks and four stainless steel column combination a machine seems like a cube.

How to ensure an accurate temp when pressing?

Everybody knows that there are two important elements: pressure and temperature. So accurate working temp guarantee rosin yield and it doesn’t waste your money and time. There are two holes in our rosin plates. One for rosin temp rod and another for the temp sensor. Not like any others that have just one hole.

How to guarantee food-grade rosin plates?

Rosin cube kit is made by anodized 6061 aluminum.  Columns and other parts are made of stainless steel.

How can you promise that this cube kits will work for a long time?

A durable digital PID controller box is the key point. Dabpress dp-tc02r is made by anodized aluminum. Big design obtains Heat dissipation, moreover, we choose a more durable big component. The controller is an important part of the system, that we also make double-check. Other accessories also produced by high-quality materials. 
This cube kit is made by hard 6061 aluminum and stainless steel body. We also use the copper sleeve for working better.

Caged & Uncaged Rosin Press Plates Kit:

Caged Press Plates Kits

3x5" Heated Platens | dp-rp35s | 10-12 ton h-frame hydraulic press recommended
3x7" Heated Platens | dp-rp37 | 12-20 ton h-frame hydraulic press recommended
5.5x7" Heated Platens | dp-rp557 | 20-30 ton h-frame hydraulic press recommended

Uncaged Press Plates Kits

3x3" Heated Platens | dp-rp33 | 6-ton a-frame hydraulic press recommended
3x5" Heated Platens | dp-rp35 | 12-20 ton hydraulic press recommended
4x7" Heated Platens | dp-rp47 | 12-20 ton hydraulic press recommended