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3 day delivery, super solid construction, smooth movement on all moving parts, heats up quickley and maintains heat well. All-round great press

Great product!!

these plates work very good and heat up quickly. they come very well packed including a bamboo insulation plate and a tool to hold the bottem plate in place.
the only thing I didn't like was the additional costs that came with the package for customs. This is an additional 25% to the amount I payed in the webshop. In the end I think it is all woth it for this high quality product!
A very happy custumer from the Netherlands.

Perfect for every day pressing

I’ve used this for a few presses now and it has worked perfectly every time, it’s a must have for sure with any press, it’s very well built has really nice color to it

10ton press

Very happy with my 10ton press! Excellent machine!

Great product

Product is well made and performs the task as you would expect. I use the pre-press with an f-clamp to get the required pressure.
Saw a 30% increase in yield using this pre-press vs a garlic press. V.happy.

Get one

The folks at Dabpress are outstanding. I now have two. So clean and tasty. Oil
that I don't cough vaping. It's amazing. Looking forward to a new skill.

Great for Storage

This is a must have for your oils, I can’t think of any better way to storage everything, it’s made out of very nice wood, the built in mat is great, and there still room you can add some of your own tools in also

Works Prefect for Pucks

Nice heavy prepress you can tell it’s very well made, it will get you more out of your yield, it works well for making larger pucks

Great Prepress

Great product, works every time, very well built, and works perfectly with dabpress driptech 10 ton press

Best Press For The Money

This press works every time, it also has the drip tech feature which is great, I’d say it’s a great press for anyone looking to buy something that will last and looks great too

Great Product

Works everytime, great color, looks good, well built, pairs perfect with ten ton press

Great product for the money

Works every time, couldn’t ask for a better press, I’ve already done 5 press and it works perfectly every time

Great machine

I used the press for the first time last week and it worked great. I had no problems using it at all. The heat settings are in range and with the pump worked great. All of the parts came very fast and had no problems getting the pump from the Chinese warehouse!

Pressing Matters

Im very happy with my new Dab press. I had a little trouble sorting out an adapter to use my pump which had a slightly larger connection than the one provided with the press cylinder. I have used the unit several times with great success.
Thank you Dabpress my main squeeze!!

Happy dabber

It works perfect. Had no problem setting up I did some experimenting, but now I just need to learn more about having the right temperatures the right humidity so little more research and experimenting and I'm sure I will get even better at pressing

Dabpress ucaged 4x7

Made a 20 rosin press w these and it works perfectly if I had a do over I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again . Great A tip on the press it fits a harbor freight 20 ton perfectly and has a clamping attachment to secure it .make sure you bleed your jack before using

Great Product

Works everytime, great color, looks good, well built, pairs perfect with ten ton press

Great Press at a Great Price!

I would recommend this press to anyone! If you’re in the market for a commercial quality press at a reasonable price then please, look no further friends! I was sold after speaking to James at Customer Service, who is a true professional and a wealth of knowledge and information. I was beyond pleased when my press arrived. Machine is sturdy, well built, and a monster straight out of the box. After using this machine for several weeks now, I’m even more satisfied with my decision to spend my money at DABPRESS!

Awesome machine

This press is awesome. Paired it with the Dabpress hand pump. Epic flow while pressing bubble. Would definitely recommend along with the Dabpress pump

Pleased customer

Great build quality, fast shipping, and exceptional customer service.

Had a great first press; looking forward to many more

I absolutely love the addition of the cage now available with diy kits!

Hello this is my third diy rosin press from Dabpress, 5th I’ve made and sold, the first 2 were cheap diy kits from China, just a cheap product for the cheap price, sold each one, the third press I bought from Dabpress, and the anodized gold coloured plates not only looked good, outperformed any other I had, but the coating is amazing, I use a little water and soap wipes off instant, love it, no alcohol and rubbing. I had 2 of those, I sell them if there is interest, this one I had on 20 ton stand up press, next I got i real ice table top press, best in town half price, bought 2 , so the one I have now is the first time I paid more for the cage, and wow, love it, the hardest part about building and using the uncared plates was lining them up and keeping the that way, the cage provides everything including a threaded hole on the bottom, was easy to build it bolted to the bamboo perfectly straight and centered. This is absolutely the best performing Rosin Press I have ever used, less blowouts, bigger returns, but even get better looking product, I’m already thinking about the next size up to buil the next one. I have actually sold 2 presses to a concentrated company here in town, so they must be as good as anything in the price range ( I’d say better)
Glad to leave a review, the very best rosin press kits available imo. -Thanks

Many thanks, your reviews encourge us to improve our quality constantly and service. Thank you again!

2x4 Pre Press Mold - Loading 7 to 12g Materials - Pairs 2x4 Inches Rosin Bags for Hash or Buds

2x4 Pre Press Mold - Loading 7 to 12g Materials - Pairs 2x4 Inches Rosin Bags for Hash or Buds

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