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Love this machine

Quality setup. Easy to use. Highly recommend anyone picking this up to enjoy your own freshly pressed and solvent free rosin. A+!!

10 Ton driptek

This press is amazing, heats up quick and build solid. I get a lot more return from this press than I did from a homemade press with Cannaplates and I love the driptek feature, makes for more golden budder rosin as its pulled away from the hot plates.

Well worth the price, and the customer service is second to none, any problems with your equipment they will fix or exchange and usually something for the inconvenience on your end. All round great company, plus the sativa i dabbed before writing this has this going longer than usual. Thanks Dab Press!!

Handheld Pre Press Mold ( Flower Puck ) - Bottle Tech Styled Cylinder Mold Works Well with 2x4 Filters


Happy with product more heavy duty than I thought but glad

10 Ton Driptech Rosin Press - 3x5 Inches Anodized Heated Platens, 500 Watts - No Pump Included

Best bang for you buck

I’ve done a ton of research on rosin presses. This hands down has to be the best bang for your buck. Under $450 6 tons and 14 grms with no problem. I would suggest this press to anyone that is in the market for a personal press.

Great Press

Dabpress was a pleasure to work with. Great communication and so far great product. I have pressed 3 pounds since receiving my press and about to start on another 3 pounds.

Awesome machine

Absolutely loving my driptech DabPress. Built solidly with great customer service. Would recommend without hesitation.

3x7 DIY Caged Press Plates Kit - Build 12-20 Ton Rosin Press Pairing H-frame Hydraulic Press

Super high quality press kit.

I purchased the 3x5 cage kit and it does everything I need it to. Paired with a harbor freight 12 ton shop press I have quite the unit for under $500.
Thanks again Dabpress....

Amazing quality press and plates!

I am really impressed with the quality of the press, everything is built strong and with longevity in mind. A few issues with the pump but they were very quick to rectify any issues.

Good price for a Great press

No complaints so far. Only used it a couple times in 2 weeks but have had no issues what so ever. Happy with the purchase and wouod definitely recommend it.

Excellent ! Je ne regrette en aucun cas mon achat!
Livraison ultra rapide... je recommande


The pump that I bought with the Press does not hold pressure consistently I have to constantly re-add pressure because it loses a little bit of pressure in the middle of a press which is very frustrating actually and your two-by-four pre-press is just a terrible design it doesn't have a big enough lip to compress the flower enough you need to redesign your pre-press I had to add extra quarter inch spacer that I made myself to be able to sufficiently press the flower into a brick. I wont ever buy from you guys again and i also wont tell other people to buy from you.
Sincerely, an unhappy customer

Very good press

The whole ordering process was very good, I was contacted from the CS team regarding a delivery query and with a few emails back a forward the query was resolved and the order was shipped out, very fast and effective responses from the team. Order was received in good packaging. The unit itslef (10 ton press) was not assembled correctly when I first took it out of the box. The hydraulic press was not seated correctly in the cage and I had to force it into place which I found quite tricky to do and little dangerous. I did get it into place and its now perfectly seated and working as it should. The back left bottom corner of the unit has a big chunk of metal taken out which has a sharp edge, moving it on my wooden table put a rather deep scratch in the wood. I will file the corner down until its no longer sharp and that will fix that. Everything else is so far perfect, the unit heats up well and I have been able to press some very nice rosin from my own buds. I havent got a very good return so far but its early days yet and have lots of pressing to get through. Very happy with the unit so far and it looks like it will stand the test of time also.

Best Personal Dab Press

Don't pay for over priced concentrates. Make your own! Dab Press 10 ton Driptech will give you pro results at home.

First timer.....

Out of the box, super easy to set-up. I'm a first time user and with a little reading, you can be pressing within minutes.

Works great with 20 ton press

Had a 20 ton shop press. Bought this item and was making rosin as soon as I got it. All the accessories work great with my press without mods. I really appreciated the bamboo insulator and silicone sheet.

Amazing Personal Press

Very well built
Easy to use
Heats up to the temperature displayed on controller correctly
Shipping was fast and product was well packed
Have only pressed 3 grams thus far but very satisfied with the performance

everything perfect!

i am very happy with my 6ton dapress.
top results, love driptech!

Great press and above average customer service!

I bought this 10 ton press over a month ago and have been very impressed with it so far. It is very well made and comes with everything needed to get started right out of the box - I am disabled and had zero problems setting it up.

Customer service is top notch. When I started looking into pressing my own medication, I knew pretty much nothing about it. After learning the basics, I contacted Dabpress and was helped by their American support person, James, who exchanged multiple emails with me, answered all of my questions and helped me figure out my specific needs. With my limitations, this level of support was invaluable to me.

Shipping was insanely fast and I had my press in under a week, which is crazy cuz it’s like Christmas time.

Using the press is fairly straight forward and easy. When I first started, I wasn’t using very good material, and only got 5% yields, but after switching sources, I now get minimum 20% regularly, and occasionally see 22%. I noticed significantly higher yields after putting humidity control packs in with my flower. Very important!Boveda, specifically, as the Integra’s are crap, imo. Also a hygrometer in your mason jar is important to know where your material is at. I like to leave my flower in the jar with the humidity pack and hygrometer at 62% for at least 3 days to ensure thorough humidity penetration.

The end product after squishing is always delicious and terpy. I have been very happy with the results and my friends have also really enjoyed my new medication maker. I used to pay 60$ a gram for this and now I’m making it at home for a fraction of the cost, lol. Great press and company, would definitely recommend to my friends 👍

Great press

5/5 - Works well. Probably should have went with the 6-ton but the 4-ton does great pressing the correct amount for the press size.

Solid, well made rosin press!

The press came fast and well packed. It is very well built and sturdy. It works great and I was able to get up to 24% return :)

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