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Speedy delivery

Great product well built solid unit, excellent returns and a speedy delivery.

12 ton press

Man oh man! Now this is something. Been using it daily squashing 14-20g at a time. Filter bags make the rosin super clean. Only took me about two years to get since setting this goal. So glad I went with a larger one. This company is awesome. The shipping to Alaska was free, took seven days and saved $70 over Amazon price by ordering straight through company. Couldn’t be happier!


These plates are definitely the best deal you can get! Ordered the 3x5 plates. Came quick and very well packaged. Once I got them installed they work beautifully!!!! Quick even heat! I will only buy plates from here from now on!

Great Press

I thought the press would be larger after looking at the pictures but it turned out to be the perfect size for my work bench. It is a well crafted machine. James was very helpful in my choosing the perfect press for my needs and he even through in a bonus cooling plate with my order. Thanks James for being a big help for me.

12 Ton Commercial Rosin Press - 4x7" Anodized Heated Platens - 1,200 Watts, 4pc Heating Rods

Universal frame

Love it so much, pairs perfect with 3x5 plates!! Great quality I have no issues with it. Some things I would change but overall 9/10

12 ton dab press setup

I love it! Works amazing! Holds the temps great on both top and bottom plates. The pressure is applied even which I noticed on my old nugsmasher was a issue... not this bad boy! Just pressed 6.79 grams and got back 1.46 grams for a 22% return!

4 ton dabpress

Bought this and ran about 10 runs through it... things works flawlessly. Great product for the price, true aluminum frame is really nice compared to a lot of steel ones. Would highly recommend. Ordered and received in 3 days! On a sat! The prepackaged is a must! I got the small cylindrical one.

Excellent product

The 6 ton press produces enough pressure to get good results.

2x4" Rosin Filter Standard Pack - 37-Micron Filters Made of Nylon ( 25pc Per Pack) Extraction for Hash

Driptech dabpress

Highly satisfied, great product high quality, and no complaints. Great customer service

Works amazing

The 6 ton press applies the necessary pressure for quality extracts.

1st and last press

I did my research. I decied to go for a 10 ton. I made the right decision. Perfect for personal use and I dont think I will grow out of it.

6 Ton Personal Rosin Press - 3x5" Heated Platens & Replaceable Bottle Jack Included - 500 Watts


This press is awesome! Works great! Only thing is I wish it had a pressure gauge!

Omg. The Nutts!!

Top notch product, that has made me very happy. Heats quickly and works really well. Get one. 👍

Like a dream

My first press, I’d done a lot of research and without spending 2k or being significantly clever than I am (and having access to shop equipment) this is the best thing on the market. So easy to use, got a 20% yield on a U.K. stardawg through a 120u bag. Came with both a U.K. and EU plug. It reads in Celsius which I assume is conversion for European market. I can do calculations but as most of the advice I get is from Americans, I would have appreciated either a changeable mode or the option of eu/U.K. plug but Fahrenheit measurements. Been using it for over a month and have essentially stopped smoking since buying it, I can’t justify wasting the potential by lighting it on fire, squishing flowers has felt somewhat addictive.

I dig the mold

So I bought the 2×4 pre press and i like it alot it was a super hard decision between the can style one but I recommend parchment over the plastic spacers it comes with my cracked unfortunately

Outstanding quality, very impressed!! A+++

I'm a new-comer to rosin and so happy I bought this. Hands down the tastiest dabs I have ever had, and all solvent free!!

I bought the big one to squish large amounts at once, but it's so quick to load and press you could work through alot even with a smaller model.

Great job Dabpress, you have a new fan :D

Cool machine

Neat machine. Does what it is supposed to do, it just didn't come with sufficient directions for use and I had to rely on online resources more than I would have liked to.

Good press ! Simple

Good product! All in one with the hand pump with pressure gage ! good heat controller and good heat distrubution too . Easy to use et reliable , for the price if u need one buy it !

My very first press

I bought a 3×5 caged unit for personal use and I love it I've only used it a couple times but i can day it does work very nicely i also bought a pre press mold that i would recommend as well the only complaint i have is with the little plastic spacers dont work as well as parchment other than that it works excellent

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