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Started looking into this after my plug dried up. Was expecting pressing to be a whole thing I had to learn, and figure out how to do. Ended up on reddit and read about "Press Plates" and the rest was history! Initially was planning on a 3x5 since thats what I thought was the smallest unit....literally doing this just for me and a G of concentrate will usually last me an entire week or this 3x3 unit is perfect for my uses!

Im in a location thats not conducive to getting the most premium I would honestly call my good stuff mids in places like Cali. Well....pressed a few nugs as a tester to see what was up. Set the PID to 205.....used my harbor freight press to squish....let sit about 1 minute.....and I yielded 16% on my first try! Not bad for a first time on a harbor freight press, using mids....for a TOTAL NOOB! Squished some "GOOD stuff" and yielded 18% on my third try! Second one wasnt as good...but that was at different temps....its cool to see the PID really works giving the different results depending on temp!

Cant wait to master this bad boy and yeild 20%+ on the regular! I wish I had the cage....but i was looking for the cheapest route. Ordered some heat resistant BBQ gloves, which I recommend....and that should basically solve the desire for wanting the cage. Plates dont really move....and it doesnt really matter imo if you take it slow when squishing....but itll give me peace of mind to hold it in place until the pressure hits. Get the cage model if budget is not an issue or time is at a premium.....but if youre budget minded like me, get the uncaged and save the money cuz its not really a big deal at all when pressing small/personal amounts. If I had to do it again....I would choose this same 3x3 model for myself.

Works as advertised

Could be a teeny bit smaller, otherwise works as advertised. Definitely improved my yields and made it easier to press, would like if the space between plates was even smaller though. Would recommend.

Great press

It’s really nice machining on the press and finish works very well for the 2 x 4 bags nice packaging and came within one day from Amazon !!!

Very well built pre press mold

Very well machined pre-press mold, no tool marks, dings or scratches. Came packed in the box with foam cushions and mold itself was protected by heat shrink wrap. Instructions are conveniently printed on the box. Also included are two PTEP sheets with a thickness of a credit card. They are non-sticking, so no need to use a parchment paper. Makes perfect puck using my arbor press. Fast next day delivery with prime. Will update this review after a few weeks of usage.

Works great, highly recommended over off-brand imitations

This unit works better then the ones I have purchased in the past. The compressed rectangle puck fits directly into 2x4'' rosin bags, which is the main goal. It comes with 2 Non-Stick PETP Sheets to help with the job. Plates separate easily and do not stick or jam, the components are sized accordingly to not cause you any trouble which is huge. The little details make this a 5 star model. I have bought 2 of these style pre molds from off-brand companies on amazon, and they are just not the same. You can trust buying this model will do the job fast and easy for sure!


Ordered this pre press mold for my rosin press and the puck it makes fits the 2x4 bags perfectly, and is way easier to use than stuffing your own filter bags, also a reasonable price. Highly recommended!

Great Product.

Works great. I like the simplicity of the design. Is heave in weight so it can take a beating. Best one i got so far. Perfect pucks of material are formed with a few hits of the rubber mallet.

Everything looks top-notch

I just got this plate kit. I haven't had the pleasure of using it but I can give you my first impression: It appears to be high-end consumer hardware. Taking into consideration that this is intented to be part of a consumer DIY kit, these plates look like they'll definitely provide you with your money's worth.

Last but not least, and the reason I decided to write a review, the plates come with a bamboo 1/2" thick piece designed to dampen the impact of the caged plates/press. It also comes with what I'm guesstimating to be a 8"x10" silicone non-stick mat, which I found to be a nice surprise.

Works well and appears durable in a 20t press.

The top press block had a manufacture defect that did not not accept the heating rod provided initially. Had to spend a second cleaning up the hole and now it's working awesome. Seller was exceptional at sorting it out for me, on the weekend even.


Product appears quality. Tested unit, heats and performs.

Looks great on the wife cant wait for mardi gras

Once you get the right pressure it works great

right size right price

this is my favorite new toy! my friends like it a lot too i am always squishing their nugs. the bottle tech mold is nice too. i checked the temps on the bottom plate and think it's close enough sometimes it's off a degree or two no biggie. i may put in a 4t jack so i can try the bigger molds

great plates

work AWESOME i have mounted on a 6 ton A frame and it works pretty good

Great Press and Good Customer Service

Paired this press with a portapower pump, makes nice presses and plate heat temps are accurate. Had an issue with one of the washers coming loose so i emailed customer service. They sent me 4 replacements and some other goodies too.

fast delivery

extremely fast delivery to europe (not EU).
Looks good, heating works, no pump yet :)..

DABPRESS is Great!!!

The caged press plates form Dabpress works great. I paired them with a 10 ton hydraulic jack with a pressure gauge. The heating elements heat the plates up quick and maintain accurate temps The finish on the plates is quality.. Also, the guys in the Support department are very helpful.
Just ordered their 2x4 pre-press mold. Can't wait.

Great will build product I would recommend this product all day

I recommend this product it’s well-built it’s stayed at the heat you set it it performs pretty well

Works perfectly awesome unit

Perfect for saving a ton of cash!!!! I have friends who have paid over a thousand dollars for a pre made press that wish they could have mine.

Works great

In hawaii a shop press is hard to get shipped so i had to get dp-rp33 3x3 anodized plates because of my 6-ton H shop press. I am squishing nugs 10g at a time in 2.5x4.5 micron bags and the dp-pm40r puck maker. One day i hope i can get a 20-ton H press delivered to the island and the HUGE 5.5x7 cube.


Honestly without a doubt the best press I have ever used! That says a lot since I was using a Nug Smasher before. For almost half the price I got twice the Press, Do that Math!

Bought with the prepress mold you can use each bag twice since you can cut them in half!

Amazing! just amazing!

Ease of use!

Wow, what an experience. Great product at a fair price. I wish I'd known about Dabpress a long time ago.