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Refurb presd

I borrowed my buddies press and gave it a go and needless to say decided I neede to get my own. When I saw the refurb and the price point it was kind of a no-brainer. It may have had a few scratches on it but it functions flawlessly. If your not worried about pretty and eant to save a few bucks don't think twice and get a Refurbished 6 Ton Dabpress.

Dab press machine 12 ton

Excellent flow of resin , when used properly. 100% satisfied customer.

Solid Product 👍

Only thing I can say negative about this press is it doesn't come with the pump. Other than that 10/10 would highly recommend! Make sure you do your research if you are a beginner 😉

Works well

So Nice

I pressed some pollen from some treem and the results were great with a 27% yield with the 120 micron mesh

Simple, clean & efficient

Heats up quick, providing even and consistent temps for longer sessions than any smoker could ask for. Looks cool too.

We plan to buy a second one. 👍

Works great!

I was looking for a small press to get started with and this is working great!

DABPRESS 6 Ton Personal Rosin Press - 3x5" Heated Platens & Replaceable Bottle Jack Included - 500 Watts


The Tumbler works fantastic. I am using the 220 micron screen so far.The results are fantastic!!

DABPRESS 5.5x7 DIY Large Rosin Plates Caged Kit - Pairs It Well with A 20-30 Ton H-frame Hydraulic Press

Dabpress 10 ton press

Operates efficiently. My only suggestion would be to increase width about 2 inches to make it easier placing a folded parchment paper.


It's a decent unit, but your review will probably not be as good if you wake them up at 4am with a review notification......🙁

Great Starter

Very pleased, easy operation. Pre heated Whole press went right in a standard oven


It's gold, it's got wooden legs, it stays freezing for up to an hour and cold all day. I LOVE the bag that comes with it, it completes the set. The tools are also very premium feeling, and they're the ones you want to have when you're pressing / dabbing.

Perfect Bundle

Pretty much includes everything you need to get started pressing quality product, except parchment paper.

DABPRESS Upgraded 4 Ton Starter Rosin Press for Home Use - 3x5 Heated Plates with Dual Detection of Heating

Great product

The 6 ton dabpress is awesome. It's a little bigger than I thought but that's not a big deal. Perfect press for beginners. Works much better than my buddies big name brand press and costs less. Highly recommend!

Great press!

Excellent item, just the right size for personal use. Very happy with the purchase and highly recommend this item!

Great press

Built well. Would be perfect if they included 2 plastic round disc's made of high density plastic to aid in cleanup after pressing like the rectangular ones included in the rectangular press. Should last a lifetime

Best press on the market dollar for dollar.

Quality product that delivers top notch results! This setup is the perfect size for at home personal use.

amazing dabpress

im in love with this press only con on this press is the legs are a little small so when you go to apply pressure it wants to tip over so maybe make the legs bigger and the rubber grippers should come with it and it should come with the kit like the maggnets and suchs since we are paying 300$ plus

BadA$$ Press

It came with everything I wanted and it’s doing it’s job without fail,I’m happy with the results and will be keeping my eye on new products in the future.10 out of 10 would recommend a friend.