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Rositek 4 ton

I bought a refurbished model. It was absolutely perfect. The press is more than I could have imagined. Thank you very much.

Dab prepress

Works great but does not fit in the dab press. You have to use a different press that opens farther.

12ton press

Man this thing is a beast after shopping around idk why they charge so much for less. dabpress has it all for a great price and it does the job above and beyond thx u for making great products so sexy


Thought maybe I needed a bigger one but this one hits the sweet spot would highly recommend 😀

Great Product!

Press works perfectly. Great for personal use and would certainly recommend!

Rositek Manual Pollen press.

As advertised used excellent condition. Just add heat to the brick mold and press waaala !

Pretty good setup

The only change I would prefer is to utilize a smaller diameter banger, smaller coil and metal bucket. Little large for my taste, airflow and some rigs.

6 Ton More than enough for personal use.

I would have absolutely gone for the 4 Ton if it was steel and had dual heat controls a month ago. For myself, pressing 14 Grams or less, 4 Ton would have been perfect. A shame it has an aluminum frame.

That being said, the heavy steel 6 Ton is excellent. You don't come anywhere near full force, and a river of rosin is already flowing out. Has great support feet which can be turned around so the unit can lay on 4 points and drip onto a mat. Heats up relatively quickly, by the time you have your parchment sorted, it's ready. I really like the way it looks in person. Gives instant personality to a dull man cave. Very happy with my purchase and will gladly recommend DP to people looking for Presses.

Great starter home press no frills

I bought my press in Canada off Amazon so only the original 4 ton with the single heat control was offered. I have had the press for two weeks and after several gram tests at different temps and getting to know it a bit I pressed 12 grams in 3 , 4 gram prepessed pucks I had a return of just over 20%. The press is no frills for sure the double PID would be nice but not critical, I added a Walmart digital timer to keep track of time but a built in timer would be so much simpler. I am satisfied it was the best available deal and it feels like it will last.


very happy with my purchase. functions exactly how I expected.

Excellent quality for a great price point

I don't understand why anyone would spend the money for a manual press when for just a small amount more you get a lot more with the Dabpress. It is a simple machine that many other manufactures try to charge a lot for. This is done with marketing and hype over a very simple machine. Dabpress builds this simple machine with quality components and meets a respectable price point. The market is being saturated with these presses. Save yourself the research time and just get a Dabpress that fits your needs in your budget. You just cannot go wrong.

Great product

I owned the 5x3 but these plate being larger work much better with my 20 ton DIY press


Works great and very easy to set up, best way to turn middle of the road herb into high end rosin

Great press. Wish the controller was attached to the press.

Another fantastic product!

Excellent coil wraps sides and bottom.
Had concerns about replacement quartz but have 5 on the way now.
Ask if you need more bangers they will take good care of you!
12 ton press, tumbler and two dab units all work perfect now as the day I bought them.

Quality built tumbler

Works great! Love the 3 different micron sizes. Directions could be better but the machine itself works great. Five stars ⭐️

More than strong enough

I'm backing off on the pressure to keep from busting bags. This 6 ton press is plenty powerful and the heaters are right on temp. I'm getting 20% yields from 62% humidity jarred product that I grew in my backyard.

Fantastic product!

Easy to use, it much set up. It’s my first press and I couldn’t be happier with it.

It works good…

I get around .9g from 8g flower that I grew. I pressed in 90 micron at 190F for 2.5 minutes. And preheated before for 30 seconds.

New pump

Had a problem with the deal on the first pump.greatest service.replaced pump fast. Very happy with the quality-

REFURBISHED 4 Ton Rosin Press - No Return

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