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Commercial Rosin Press 12 Ton - 4x7" Anodized Heated Platens - 1,200 Watts, 4pc Heating Rods

6 ton

Definitely love this press and get plenty of use out of it . Stay stoned my friends

4 Ton Refurbished

Amazing. I have seen plenty of videos on the process but actually doing it for myself and receiving the returns that were said was a great feeling. This was well worth the price. Shouts out to Dabpress

Why did I wait so long!?

I love this machine. Very easy to use and provides consistent results. The frame is very well built and all the parts are high quality. The temperature controller is very accurate and the plates heat up nicely. The bottle jack works great but is also easy to swap if you want an electric one. Shipping was super fast as well. 10/10. I love it

Very good and amazed

I was very excited and amazed that everything was all together and everything was good can’t wait too use it and start pressing thank you so much !


It appears to be built well. I haven't gotten to use it, but see no problems in Craftsmanship and would recommend it to those who want a personal press.

Lovin it

If u thinking about it don’t no longer you will not regret buying these plate’s have few others pressing also that no longer gets used 20 ton all day

For how it works great ,just my mold , I thought it was a hash mold , if not I'll buy the circle one..

Commercial Rosin Press 12 Ton - 4x7" Anodized Heated Platens - 1,200 Watts, 4pc Heating Rods

Great deal

Great product at a great price. Works like a charm.

This is exactly what I wanted.

This press is badass! I love it!!!! Dabpress crew Hooked it up and answered all my questions and made sure I got all the way together.
Really could not be happier!
Thanks so much

Wonderful press ESPECIALLY for the price

It was intimidating looking for a new press with all the options out there. This one was suggested to me and with free shipping I couldn't say no. Everything was packed neatly and securely in the box with easy to figure out instructions (they also have youtube videos showing the process). Setup was a breeze and It has made pressing easy and enjoyable. Has a nice sleek look and all parts were machined really well. The entire thing is made in a way that it can be taken apart and have parts replaced or even upgraded which I love. Other brands make it impossible to repair on your own. I am thoroughly impressed by this rosin press. I would 100% buy from them again. One of the greatest things too is its portable. Around about 30 pounds so a little heavy but more than movable so i can take it wherever I need to.

So far I love it!

Only used 4 times but love it! Easy to use, great looking, quality product. Feels nice and sturdy. Came well packaged for safety.

10T Unit is perfect

Very nicely built self-contained press. No issues, works flawlessly. Way overbuilt will last a long time.

Works great!

Easy to use, don’t spend 3x on the competition!

Great press

I just got the press a couple weeks ago but I've already put it to good use. What a great product!!.

Very nice

Its very good, works well and make incredible dab😋

Awesome and worth it

I had a little issue with my press that was resolved swiftly and had a replacement part sent out to me ASAP. Press works like a charm, been getting some nice results. I know where I’m going to buy my next one now… :)

best filter bags

i tried these and i liked them, will buy again.

Glad I found Dabpress!

I invested a good amount of time in finding what brand/ product would be right for me, kicked around my options for a week and then I came across Dabpress. For the price and quality match it was an easy choice given the competition. The construction is sturdy and the electronics have been without issue, more than adequate for ANY personal use. More people need to know about DP. When almost to full crank it does take some muscle and can be slightly unstable depending on how well you deliver said strength. Thank you guys I’m curious to try other DP products .

Amazingly capable device for a fraction of the cost of the competition!

I love my new press! I’ve been pressing quite a bit lately and I’m getting fantastic results. The dual rod heating elements make for even consistent heat throughout the extraction and the gauge that came with the pump I purchased helps ensure that I avoid blowouts. I had shopped for well over a year before deciding on the 12 ton by Dabpress and I’m glad I did. The 4x7 plates allow me to comfortably extract up to an ounce but I prefer smaller extractions. I can see the appeal for additional magnet points as mentioned in other reviews, but as this is my first large press I can’t say that I’ve specifically missed much by only using the points provided. Im not certain if the provided magnets are meant to be used to hold the parchment down or to be more of a protruding surface for your own magnets to stick to, but they are a little small and difficult to handle at times. I will definitely be getting additional magnets to make things a little easier. Overall the press seems incredibly well made and sturdy. I haven’t had to use their support team for troubleshooting yet, but if it’s anything like past reviewers have mentioned I’m sure it’ll be another 5 star service. I highly recommend this press even above some of the more expensive options. I was able to buy this press and everything needed for it and some starting material for less than half of what some of the competitors cost.

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