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Upgraded Enail Dab Kit with an Innovated Titanium Adapter

Finally can dab all my concentrates without loosing some to my portable dab device, its also EASY TO CLEAN and I'm also a fan of my 10 ton press... appreciate y'all, keep up the good work 💪.

Worth the price, easily.

By my fourth attempt I produced beautiful white rosin that gets me more stoned than any hydrocarbon extraction I’ve ever tried. I am officially a rosin convert. Unbelievable.

Love this thing.

The press is awesome it’s so easy to use you just plug it in and you’re ready to press away.

Great product

You're not going to be able to match price with quality with any other press than dabpress. I am beyond satisfied with this 12 ton press. I had been using the nugsmasher mini for several months but I wanted to be able to ramp up production considerably and this press was just what I needed. Thanks Dabpress.

Great Bags

Great pressing bags at a great price I only order from Dabpress


This is my 2nd press , my other press is a smaller 5 ton from a competitor. Its nice and works BUT NOT AS GOOD AS THE DABPRESS!!! I rarely use the other one now. Even on small press jobs.

Commercial Rosin Press 12 Ton - 4x7" Anodized Heated Platens - 1,200 Watts, 4pc Heating Rods

Excellent quality build

I have a small 3x5 platten 5 ton from another company but wont use it for anything more than a gram smash because the dabpress increased my yeilds .8 %

Great product

No blow outs after using them all.


Professional quality extracts at home, no worries about solvents, driptech is a cool feature, easy to use, I really love this thing.

Dabpress Rosin filter pack 2x4.5 ( 90 micron)

Received a notification that my order was delivered. I had no idea. Received the order by courier. I Immediately opened the package and tested the filter bags. Squished some delicious rosin and sailed away into the night. The 90 micron lends way to a clean and precious product.

Works perfect!...

No problems, good heat & pressure, lots of yummy rosin...What’s not to like? 👊🏻

Poor First Run, Totally My Fault

Second run was amazing. Returned 1.93 on 7g. Learning curve will clean it up.

Excellent pairing to the 10 ton

Simple, easy to use and pairs right out of the box. Buy the bundle and save.

Piece of Cake!

I’m not handy or tech savvy. But I was able to hook up the hand pump (xtra $$) and dial in the temp in minutes. I was dabbing soon after!

Rosin bags

Works great just as good and bags double or triple the price. I am a repeat customer for all the 90,120,160 micron rosin bags. And will continue to purchase for as long as available

VERY solid

Amazing quality, fantastic price point, works perfectly. I’d advise using a grill mat cut to size to protect the plates while still using parchment directly on the product.

4ton starter

Nice little press. Heats up good. Only thing that could change would be to allow the jaws to open wide enough for my prepress block.

Great press

Well after shopping around and doing my research I came upon the dab press website which had a 5% discount on the press that I wanted I also had $38 in reward credits with PayPal so I ended up getting the price for 368 which was awesome because I had sold my nugsmasher mini for 355
So with the deal I got from dabpress and the reward credits I ended up paying $13 for my new press now that is a great deal!

3x5 DIY Caged Rosin Press Kit - Build A 10-12 Ton Rosin Heat Press Machine for Personal Use

160 micro bags/40

Haven’t ha d much luck with bags blowing out. Trying to get it right with time, heat, pressure but still failings. My advisors keep asking if I’m using quality bags and I say Dabpress. Should I be double bagging flower?

Great product!

The press works amazing, very sturdy design. The company’s customer service is second to none.

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