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Quality Press

Well built press works great, good customer service and fast shipping. Awesome company!

6 ton dabpress

Honestly I was surprised with the quality and for the price you get can't beat it. My returns are great bottlejack holds pressure and temperature control is on point no complains worth every penny if you're considering a press is guess to to go with this one for sure.

Good starter

It’s built pretty sturdy and it’s a good press to get you going on.

Bite the bullet!!!

Press is amazing, pressing for personal use ya don't need more then this, will squish up to 14gs bottle tech style. Super happy order arrived earlier then expected !! Can't beat it

Great 12-Ton Press

Love this press. It performs well each time it is used.


I love this press. Amazing workmanship. Looks like a pc of art.
Buy the pump from dabpress. Good quality and worth it. I bought the ten ton.
Judy from Dabpress is awesome. Thanks Judy.
The hand presses cylinder and rectangle are top notch too.


This is my third Dab press Rosin press I own the 6 ton the 10ton and now the 12 ton and I'm extremely happy and satisfied with all of them these are the best presses hands down and for the money you can't find anything better I promise I have used them all and this press definitely rates in my opinion amongst the top three quality manufacturers currently available being Dab press, low temp plates, and pure pressure and both low temp plates and pure pressure are made in Beautiful Denver CO. In the good ol US of A witch is Rockin but for three times the money and absolutely no more capable of producing beautiful golden terpy goodness in any way as this thing is completely capable of the same and an absolute beast with it's ability and capacity and it performs flawlessly once dialed in but that part falls on the operator as well as a host of other extremely important variables including most importantly your starting out product grade FIRE IN = FIRE OUT and then next if it's flower or dry sift, rosin bag on parchment or stainless steel mesh on PTFE , the moisture level being as close to 62% as possible and then applied pressure temp and time duration of the press witch great starting points for this press are as follows FLOWER: 120 micron rosin bag or 31 micron stainless steel mesh @ 1200psi -2000 psi at 200*f - 230*f for 45 to 75 seconds DRY SIFT 37 micron rosin bag or 25 micron stainless steel mesh @ 400psi - 1200psi at 160*f -190*f for 25 to 65 seconds!!! so again to reiterate for the money you will not find a better product period!!! The press rocks and the results speak for themselves I hope this helps any new comers to get started rock 🤘 on Dab press !!! Great products

Perfect starter press

I am impressed with the quality of this press. It is my first press and it works better than I expected for the price. For me this press is perfect for my needs.

Very impressed with this device... I've been getting great yields...

Having fun with my 6 ton DabPress!

Was hesitant to buy at first because I didn’t know how much I would use but definitely worth it! I have used it a few times and have gotten good results. There is a little learning curve but after I pressed a couple gram nugs. I started to get it down. Excited to press new and different material! CS was great! Answered all of my questions quickly.

Great value , well made

Simple to use , easy to hook up to the pump I bought from them also. Was squeezing out 25% in no time. Very happy with my purchase

Love our Dabpress

We have been very happy with our purchase of the 12-T Dabpress and accessories. It is well made, sturdy and the perfect size for our personal use. The quality is evident. Glad we went with the 4 x 7 plates. I’m sure we would have soon grown out of the 3 x 5 size on the 10-T. Just last night it was giving us beautiful, tasty rosin. Thank you Dabpress for this great piece of equipment !



I've been looking for a rectangular hash mold since I saw how they make hash in Morocco! Now I make my own Moroccan black and it's fire!

luv my dabpress

shipping was quick package arrived no damage just getting used to it but it's very solid and i have had some good results so far. I'm sure it could stand up to some of the much more expensive units out there.great customer service too..I never give a 5star rating cause there's always room for improvements no matter what you do.

Great product, and customer service

My press and accessories arrived within 4 days of ordering, everything was packaged carefully and in perfect condition. Easy to set up and use, if you know what you're doing you can get amazing results with this press!

Worth the price

Works great and is small and compact I just wished the jaws opened more so I could fit my few mold inside but other than that it’s awesome


I bought their pro e-nail kit and the 10 ton press. Super fast delivery but once it arrived the hand pump isn't holding pressure. Dabpress immediately got me in contact with the warranty people and offered to fix it and pay the return shipping but I told them to hold off until after I finish moving houses. Hopefully replacing the pump works but I wont know for a month from now when I move

3x5 DIY Caged Rosin Press Kit - Build A 10-12 Ton Rosin Heat Press Machine for Personal Use

Good stuff

Press works well. I need to spend more time learning the tricks and tribal knowledge of pressing plants, bit that the fun part. The build quality seems to be very good. Im honestly shocked this item doesn't sell for twice the price. The competition sells for thousands but most don't have the power or heating compliment. This one has both... Good stuff

Commercial Rosin Press 12 Ton - 4x7" Anodized Heated Platens - 1,200 Watts, 4pc Heating Rods

May seem small but it works great

I love it and for the price you can't beat it.

Very nice

Nice work for a good price point.Next best thing is to have more gauges to monitor platens .

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