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12 ton dabpress 4x7 plates

Hello this is my first press and I have to say it does what it's meant to do. I spent the extra money on this press instead of just buying the plates and getting a h press is the size of this one it's small and compact. The build appears to be of great quality and the press is very heavy which I was pleased with when I got the package in the mail, cause if its light material it isnt probably going to hold up. The 4x7 plates are huge probably more than I actually needed for just home use. The plates heat up quick and hold temperature. When I press I use like 3 pieces of parchment otherwise I blow through it or it seeps through parchment like I said this is my first press and still getting technique down.. I ordered the pump off the dabpress site also. It had wanted to pump kind of slow at first but think it just had some air trapped in it. When you press you dont want max out the pump I usually start seeing rosin at around 1200-1500 on the gauge on the pump. I'm not really sure If I would change anything on the press itself but I think they should include some better magnets and some rosin collection tools with it. Also like to note I first was going to buy a dulytek which I did off ebay from the official dulytek seller on ebay. I had bought a refurbished one they had which they had like 7 listed. I bought paid for it next day I got a email saying they have none in stock and would take 10+ days to get one in and it would be a new one which I would have pay the difference from what I paid for the refurbished one which I thought was absurd and canceled the order immediately. When I ordered the dabpress I received in 3 days and the pump in 1 day. They have answered all my questions promptly through email if I had questions after getting the press. If you want a small compact but powerful press get this 12 ton 4x7 plate one I dont think you will be disappointed. I gave 4 stars only cause I think they should include everything you need to get going from the start including some tools and maybe micron bags..

Top quality!

Got the pump to pair up with 10 ton press. Beautiful piece, perfect combo! Couldn't be happier with customer service and support!

Dabpress mold with 160 micron bags review.

Mold works great and the bags are really good.
Actually the bags hold up better than other brand.


Extremely happy with my 10 ton drip tech. Built well, with top notch material. Never again will I buy rosin!! Much love from the 216!


I wish i would have got this press sooner. It works great.

Great product

My only complaint is when setting up it would be easier if videos where available but the product is solid no complaints at all great yield from a great product!

6 ton press @ pre press combo 2

Gave 5 star review, wouldve been a 4 as I wasnt sent pre press to begin with but customer service wasvery good and got it sorted. The press itself works well although the temperature controller takes getting used to and no manual for it. 6 tons of pressure is enough for between 3.5-14g and Im getting on AVG 20 percent yeild give or take a few depending on strain/quality etc... although an extra couple ton would mean your not maxing your jack out all the time. Overall very happy with the purchase and Im looking at 10 ton mini press for next upgrade! Although ive not used any others Dabpress is a company I would recommend, high build quality and temperatures are even and accurate

Sturdy bags

I’ve done a number of pressings and still haven’t had a blowout. The bags are quite sturdy.

Just pressin

This is a great press ,well built ,easy to use and clean, experimenting with temps and pressure my results are getting better, can’t wait to press some,2020 product


I am very impressed. It take a little while to heat up. Little more than the time it takes to prep your flower. That may be a negative to the right person. Other than that I can't find a flaw. Works great, looks good.

Very good 6 ton press machine

Very good machine! but it has only one problem, if you use the pre press molds, you can't use the press to press this molds becouse the distance between plates is smaller than the pre press molds. Everything else very very good, the price much better than other trademarks, don't change there! Thanks a lot

Fantastic value

Plug and play all the way, baby. Perfect way to test the waters of pressing, you won’t be disappointed.

10 Ton Driptech Rosin Press - 3x5 Inches Anodized Heated Platens, 500 Watts - No Pump Included

10 Ton Mini Rosin Press - 3x5"

Thing is amazing, very glad i purchased from you guys, heats up fast and evenly, temps are correct, the hand pump works really well, presses like a champ, I'll definitely be back to order the 12 ton driptech 4x7 unit next, the rosin bags are very strong ive only blew out one and that was my fault for overpacking it, very nice unit at a very affordable price and a very well made machine compared to others on the market, very happy with my purchase, thankyou guys for coming through!

Great press

Excellent press and really good quality. I am very happy with my purchase.

2x4 prepress

Great 2x4 inch pre press. Made of aluminum and does a great job.

3x5 10 ton press and sauce plate

The press has worked great built with quality in mind. Customer service is also top notch and ready to help if a question comes up. Willing to talk through any problem. Thanks again

Driptech 10ton

Pressing some old bud, so output was a little low,I was using too much pressure and tearing the parchment paper,did the math lowered the pressure and every thing working great.
This unit is very well built temps are very accurate,highly recommended

3x5 DIY Caged Rosin Press Kit - Build A 10-12 Ton Rosin Heat Press Machine

I love it .fast shipping and work very well at this moment 5 star for me 👌


Very nice little set up. Works very well. I am happy with my purchase ! Wish it came with pressure guage.

3x5” Dan Press Caged

Nice quality press! I opened the box and was excited to start pressing some material. Was easy to setup and only took 5 minutes. I have since ordered rosin bags as I overlooked this when I purchased the press plates. So keep this in mind as this does not come with rosin bags.

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