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Refurbished 6 Ton Rosin Press Bundle- No Return

Outstanding product

I’ve had my press for around 2 weeks and have done multiple flower presses with it. I’ve been very happy with the performance and quality, it feels solid and well made. I truly feel like I’m getting all the product outta my flower when pressing, this press in my opinion is well worth the money

Small but packs a punch

Great press would recommend it to, someone who is getting stared in pressing

amazingbut one fix

the press is great but the legs cold be a bit longer so there con be a bit more conter weight

Great customer service!

Robert and the customer service team at Rositek were very helpful. This was my first rosin press. They went to great lengths to make sure I got the right press for my needs. The unit is very well made, shipping was quick and if you need advice along the way they are happy to help. If you are considering a press, this is the company to do business with.

Amazing experience

Love the dabpress, got here faster than expected. Exactly what I was hoping for.


The returns are great and even the flower rosin feels like a pretty big step up from bho for me. Much better press than the mini manual one I started with would recommend it to anyone looking to press at home for themselves. Arrived in perfect condition as described

Happy with 12 ton press

Great team over at dabpress. Ordered two 12 ton presses. Plan on getting some morebin the future

DABPRESS Commercial Rosin Press 12 Ton - 4x7" Anodized Heated Platens - 1,200 Watts, 4pc Heaters

ROSITEK Manual Pollen Press for Brick MPP2 ( Manual Pollen Press ) - Including Handheld Thread Press and Press Mold

Opened Box and Was Pressing in ~10 min

Opened the box, set things up, smashed 7g of flower with the manual press and wrapped my first bottletec....pressed at 185F and....rosin. It really is that simple folks. I had a 26% return on my first press which is pretty good if you ask me! Great investment - can't wait to dial it in more!

Nice press!

I wish it had a pressure guage, but maybe it would add a place where something could go wrong. My first press of over 7g of flower, I got over 1g. Very satisfied with pressing live rosin flower, cured flower rosin and old flower rosin.

Worth it

It’s a fairly cheap press. Each press I’ve done has been pretty consistent. The pump came damaged and they sent me a new gauge to replace myself and a 30 dollar refund. Super easy to replace. Thanks Dabpress. Hope to do business again.

Dabpress 4Ton

I purchased the 4 ton press for small batch at home use. On average- I press 4 grams at 160-175 and I get at least a gram return or more. Sometimes up to 25% yield with flower pressing rosin.
This is a great machine for small home use.
I recommend the Press Club 2in 90u circle mesh bags to go with the small circle pre press mold.
I also tested a flat pick squish with no mesh bag and only got at 18% return.
The mesh bag as well as the pre press molds help with the overall yield.
The press heat plates stay hot to the temperature on the dial, and I’m sure you can go hotter - but I have found for the budder/badder quality to press cooler temps and then heat cure or whip it to get a nice consistency.
Enjoy your small batch presses - I got 7g off of a 14g squish. That’s a great return! I recommend the 4ton or 6ton for slightly bigger batches. 10/10

Upgraded 4 ton Dabpress

This is my first rosin press and so far I am very happy it was the results.

Dab press is amazing!

This is a life changing machine! It’s already paid for itself in the amount I would have spent on dabs at the shops, taking dab kickers after my blunts and bong rips. I’ve even started pressing the corn from the garden now too! This machine is life changing! WEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!! ❤️

unable to equip PSI gauge

What’s the point in even making and producing a machine where pressure is the #1 most important thing without having it come equipped with or atleast have the machine ABLE to equip a pressure monitor of SOME sort. Terrible design, terrible company, terrible product.

Does as it says

I used a big 11 inch heavy duty c-clamp to make some 2 gram pucks for a small press. Haven't pressed yet(working) but I can already understand how this will improve on what I already tried. Anxious... LOL


It is everything you could want from a press. Functions as expected, can press large quantities per press. Heavy Duty construction. Get it!