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Upgraded DABPRESS 6 Ton Personal Rosin Press - 3x5" Heated Platens & Replaceable Bottle Jack Included

you definitely make a quality product

its all that and a bag of chips...i am glad i made the move to a dab press...

Upgraded DABPRESS 6 Ton Personal Rosin Press - 3x5" Heated Platens & Replaceable Bottle Jack Included

4 ton

I had no experience with this and have had great success. Makes great rosin !

Great press, built like a tank.

Pressed about 1/2 pound so far and this thing just pumps out great rosin. Can stuff quite a bit of product as well.

It's awsome but I feel it could use psi gage for the bottle jack if u change the style with that I bet it be nicer 😉 but all in all this machine is awsome and works like it should but could use the psi gage.....if u offer it as a addition please send me the link so I may buy it as a addition to the press

This machine has helped me get through a very difficult time.

I just want to say thank you more so to this company for offering this product at such a great price.

This product has saved me from so much anxiety over the pass couple months since purchasing by assuring that I'd have access to the quality, strength, and dosage of medicine that I require for the relief of my symptoms.

Micron bag review

I think the bags hold up against blow outs pretty well. They work well with or without the pre press mold. Single seem bags are not as easy to work with as the double but because they only have one seem the price is very reasonable.

I love it

No more buying shitty concentrates. I’m making some of the best I’ve ever had. Better than anything I can get locally. Very easy to use!

Does what it’s supposed to

Seems to be a quality machine.

Very economical way to get high grade rosin I highly recommend the press and the rosin bags

Great press!

Hand crafted dabs

Thank you so very much .

I received my two tun press . Evidently the top rod broke through the box and was missing upon delivery . After explaining this to them they promptly sent me a replacement . It really works great with both rods . I also got the refurbished 4 ton press . It is just like a new one . It works great as well ! 🤙 Thanks so very much .

4ton bundle

Love it, around 13 presses so far and doing great thanks for the great product and great customer service. Claire is #1 in the game! Jd....

With great pressure comes great rosin

This product gets the job done. Pleased with the quality.

Excellent machine

I love this smashy piece of tech. Easy to use, solid, and manual so I feel like I'm contributing.


Around 13 presses in and working like a charm thanxx.

DABPRESS 12 Ton Bottle Jack Complete Rosin Press with Dual 4x7 Heating Plates - No Pump Required


Outstanding product and was delivered on time. This was a used product that looks and operates like it's brand new.
Did you know the 2x4 Dabpress aluminum pre-press mold, makes an incredible cooling station for the titanium Dabpress DPNAIL GEN1 adapter.
After using, remove the thinner plate from the mold and any plastic sheets.
Place the adapter directly in the block. ;) ;)

Wow! Amazing results!

So glad I pulled the trigger on this. Will last for years to come. Hell, I'll probably be able to leave it with my grandkids when I'm gone it's so well built! It'll do Everything you need and more!

Great Press!

I got my Dabpress 4 ton a few weeks ago and so far its been great! It seems to be made of high quality materials everything works great and it makes great rosin with good yields!

Solid press!

I'm new to pressing! I suck at it but I'm getting a little better! One thing is certain Dabpress has made a great machine for us little guys, that won't break the bank! It's fun as heck too!

Really happy

Needed an upgrade. Really happy with this press. It's actually pretty light too!