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So far so good

So far so good. Lots better then the bottle jack setup I was using and seeing some really pretty yields. The psi gage is a must have

Cheap tricks

I'll never pay for another one a gain

Dab press enail

Excellent I’m so glad I purchased it

4 Ton Starter Rosin Press - 3x5 Heated Platens - 7-10g Materials Loaded - Upgrade from 3-Ton Press

Great press

Packaging was good,well built performing great. Recommend to all

New level of dabs

I feel like I'm getting the most out of my concentrate, saves me money on dabs and butane. Also love the ease of use!

Upgraded Enail Dab Kit with an Innovated Titanium Adapter - 100% Quartz Contact Surface


So I found out about this press through a subreddit and was initially nervous as I’ve never heard of this company. Upon arrival package was in pristine condition and legs are very easy to assemble into the machine.
I pressed a 7.65 of some nice flower and got back a 1.8 yield on first press. 23 percent yield for a press under $500! I’m telling all my buddies to get one.

Solventless rosin press

I overproduced and this was a perfect way to ensure nothing went to waste. It’ll be valuable for years to come. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Large Cylinder Pre Press Mold ( 40mm Round Puck ) - Stainless Steel Made, Works with 2.5x4.5 Filters

Works great!

Would buy again and suggest to others

Very pleased

Solid press. Heats up fast. Looks good. Produces!

Tool kit

Jars are nice. There’s 5 really nice tools. One that is very nice and necessary for collecting at times. Packaging is top of the line. Dabpress all the way!

Works Great

It works great, just as good as any $300 to $400 one, save the money get this one.


Was scared I would need moe tonnage, but works just fine. For price might upgrade to 8 ton jack one day. Cheaper all in total price to upgrade. Since it comes with 2 bangers I wish it came with a 14mm and the narrower one, instead of 2 narrow ones. Not a deal breaker but running around to do.

Great starter unit

I got this thing for entry level. I have had great results and at a great price point.

Home Use Press

Awesome personal rosin press, reaches desired temperature fast an maintains temps for even flow. I recommend this to anyone wanting to make there own dabs.

12 Ton Press

This is a great press. Solidly made and well constructed. Less expensive than anything that even comes close to the same size and quality. Having a separate pump means that you don't have to hang on to the entire piece of equipment when you're putting pressure to the plates. This also allows me to have the pump lower than the press, which lets me to apply more pressure because I'm pushing down. I would not want to have to put the same amount of pressure on a device that had the jack built in, because you would have to hold on to the entire unit to keep it from moving and therefore reducing the amount of pressure you can put on it. Having a pressure gauge is in my opinion a must. Most other similar presses do not have a pressure gauge, and certainly not in this price range.

The plates heat up fast. 1200 watts is a lot of power and keeps the plates at temperature very easily. Delivery was quick and easy. No taxes is also a plus. I purchased a kitchen mixer cover from Amazon for $15 that fits a 6-8 quart mixer, and it fits perfectly with the PID controller nestled between the front legs to keep the dust off.

So far, I have seen nothing comparable. I have nothing negative to say about this press at all and I am very happy with the purchase. I would recommend it to anybody. Happy pressing!

An Essential!!

This is an awesome product, and has elevated my experience.

Hydraulic Hand Pump with Gauge - Works Together with 10 and 12-Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press

Works Awesome Extremely Well Built

Heats up quickly and maintains temperature precisely, always dead on the money even during a press, all Dabpress equipment, accessories, etc… are all extremely well built and extremely well priced, compared to other companies that over charge by hundreds and thousands, so do yourself a favor and go with Dabpress



I'm new to dabbing. I'm an older generation guy that didn't really know where to start. Anyway, I'm really glad I got this kit. For what you receive, I really do think you are under paying. I mean that seriously! Great packaging and the stuff comes neatly packaged in a very nice storage container. This is a great quality kit at a great value.

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