My Rosin Press Hydraulic Hand Pump Will Not Maintain Pressure Well, Why?

My Rosin Press Hydraulic Hand Pump Will Not Maintain Pressure Well, Why?

To help prevent personal injury, always release pump pressure and disconnect hoses(s) from pump before making repairs.

Refer to the appropriate pump parts list during trouble-shooting. Please check these problems yourself first, and then make clear what happened to your pump:

Problem Cause Solution
 Pump losing pressure System components leaking
Directional control valve leaks or
not adjusted properly
Fluid leaking past outlet check
    Repair or replace as necessary
    Reseat, repair, or replace directional control assembly and correctly adjust
    Check for dirt. Reseat pump body and/or replace poppet(s) or ball(s)
      Pump not delivering fluid Low fluid level in reservoir
      Intake filter is dirty
      Seats worn and not seating
      Fittings didn't fully connect
        Check fluid level per instructions
        Remove reservoir and clean
        Repair seats or replace pump
        Reconnect the fittings
          Pump does not reach full pressure Low fluid level in reservoir
          System components leaking
          Directional control valve leaks or not adjusted properly
          Improperly adjusted relief valve
          Fluid leaking past inlet or outlet checks or high pressure piston seal damaged
            Check fluid level per instructions
            Repair or replace as necessary 
            Reseat, repair, or replace directional control assembly and correctly adjust
            Reseat or repair inlet or outlet checks or replace high pressure piston seal

              The Following Tips Can Help You Improve Your Experience of Using Our Hydraulic Cylinder Rosin Press and Hand Pump:

              1. Please ensure the pump has a NPT 1/4” male fitting (Dabpress 10, 12 ton rosin press include a NPT 1/4” female fitting on the cylinder);
              2. We recommend you to replace male fitting of your pump (If the pump bought from other brand) with ours to match our presses. ( That 1/4 male fitting already includes in the package of the presses).
              Meanwhile, There Are Improper Operation Caused This Kind of Issue, Please Check It out Carefully:

              1. Make sure the male and female coupler installed completely. You need push the male fitting into female one fully, at the same time, please tighten the nut of female coupler. Please try to reconnect couplers once you didn’t install well.
              2. Once the male and female fittings didn't connect well, then you was unable to remove the nut, you have to release some of fluid inside of hydraulic cylinder by loosening female coupler on the cylinder with a proper wrench, just a little bit fluid. Please ensure the male and female fitting is completed installed.

              Please note, before loosening the female fitting includes on the cylinder, put a towel around the fitting to prevent the fuild from spraying out, mainwhile please slowly remove it out, and stop action till you see the oil is coming out. Now you are able to decouple the male and female couplers. Ensure their completed connection, and then test it again.
              Pump Manual:

              Please disconnect the hand pump from the cylinder, and then follow these steps to fix it.

              1. Place the hydraulic hand pump on the work table with the end of the hose hanging off the edge of the table so it is lower than the pump itself.
              2. Open the release valve on the front right of the pump, one full turn, and leave it open for 5 minutes.
              3. After 5 minutes, close the release valve on the front right of the hand pump until it's tight.
              4. Open the air bleed valve on the rear of the pump, below where your hand grips on the handle, open it 2 full turns and leave it open for 30 seconds.
              5. Close the air bleed valve on the rear of the pump until it's fully hand tightened.
              6. Reconnect the hydraulic hand pump to the cylinder until the couplers are fully hand tightened.(Tips: Please push the male coupler inside of female coupler fully while locking nut on the female coupler.)
              7. Retest the issue

              If you already checked it out as we recommended, and still have not solved the problem. Please send us a video as detailed as possible to determine the problem via directly or drop us a link.

              Best regards,

              Dabpress Team