Why Can't We Use Rosin Press to Produce the Puck of  Flower or Hash?

Why Can't We Use Rosin Press to Produce the Puck of Flower or Hash?

We at Ddabpress Team often receive complaints from Rosineers about why 2x4" rosin pre press mold can not load between the heated plates of the rosin press for making puck. Honestly, we can only patiently explain to customers that this kind of operation will scratch the contact surface and even damage the machine.

The rosin press is used to extract plant essences oil, in the other words, it only gets used to squeezing some of the fine material. now let us explain in detail why such improper use is prohibited:

1, You are unable to load the rosin pre press mold because the distance of dual heated plates is only 30 - 35mm ( 1.18" - 1.38" ), its distance just prevents you from using the machine to make a puck.

2, Even if the rosin press you bought from elsewhere is enough to load the mold, we still recommend that you never do it.

(1) It causes the contact surface to scratch, even damage the working surface, most of such damages cannot be repaired or maintenance costs are considerable;
(2) This operation is easy to cause the inaccurate temp detected and delivered;
(3) The frame of rosin press has a rated pressure standard, overload condition will cause very bad damage, you have no choice but to throw it away.

How Do We Choose and Properly Use Rosin Pre Press Mold?

1, Cylinder aluminum pre press mold - user guide 1 

This mold can only be used to compress cannabis flowers of 3.5g to 7g by hand.

2, Cylinder stainless steel pre press mold - user guide 2

We called hammer styled cylinder prepress mold, It allows to hit the ram with a plastic hammer to create flower or hash pucks.

3, Rectangular pre press mold - user guide 3

Usually, you are unable to get a completed puck by hands, because more than hand pressure is needed to compress the mold, we recommend a hand clamp vise to assist you.

Any other requirements, please send us a video as detailed as possible to determine the problem via support@dabpress.com directly or drop us a link.

Best regards,

Dabpress Team