Choose Your Side Effects When Medicating
Choose Your Side Effects When Medicating

This true story may sound familiar to many of you. As a disabled veteran, who needed to find alternative relief for my symptoms, I decided to self-medicate and did this for many years. I guess you can say that I was an “old school” user. Up until a few months ago, I discovered the use of and the amazing benefits of “concentrates.” On my journey, I discovered that cannabis is a complementary medicine therapy for me. I also discovered a passion for growing my own medication. Having control of my side effects is a game-changer.

Suffering from PTSD, TBI, depression, sleep apnea, and chronic body pain had rendered me from living a normal life. Taking prescribed medication made it worse than the actual medical conditions that I have. The many side effects that I had to deal with were ridiculous! But not anymore! I have found a better way through the relief of cannabis concentrates and am now excited about producing my own medicine, right from the comfort of my own home. Without all the nasty side effects you get from prescribed medication. 

That is until I learned about the benefits of owning and using a DABPRESS Rosin Press. By extracting my own grown flower, my method of choice is to concentrate. Concentrates that are produced by one of these rosin presses will offer what no other medication has ever done. Relief without all those side effects. I call it my life-saving machine. So if my story sounds familiar and you have been searching for another alternative to traditional smoking or prescribed medication, then extraction is the way to go. This product is a must! If you were like me and searching for a newer and healthier alternative, then now is the time to start living a new life. 

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We are very proud of what we are doing. From the communication of many customers, like Joe, and my good friend James, and I clearly know what we do is very important, can help customers get rid of the pain for getting a high-quality life.

The feedback from many customers made me more clear the importance of the quality of the rosin presses and after-sales service. Dabpress will continue to supply high-quality products and the best customer service.

Thank you very much for everything James did.

Many thanks to Joe for writing this blog!

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