What Is All The Fuss, You May Ask, Concerning The Newfound Popularity Of Rosin Presses?

What is all the fuss, you may ask, concerning the newfound popularity of rosin presses?

One reason is that it has permitted those that are highly interested and eager, even with no experience in extracting, to try it out with slight risks. The extraction process (of marijuana flower) using a rosin press is a simpler and faster method with the use of heat and pressure. A rosin press can be used in the safety of your home for personal use or in your business operation. Also, one does not require a degree in chemistry or botany to operate one of these presses.

Another reason is that it allows the user to be versatile and create a variety of extraction products.
When using a rosin press, the possibilities seem endless. The end result of the sappy like substance to the sometimes shatter-like product that is excreted from the marijuana flower has got people talking and investing in a rosin press that is also known as a dab press.

Of course, we cannot forget about the different rosin presses that are out in the market. Whether one is looking to buy a mini or commercial rosin press; whether it be manual or hydraulic, the demand is growing for these presses due to newfound popularity. Now is the time to start pressing! What are you waiting for? Let's make that FLOWER into POWER!

Many thanks to Joe for writing this blog!