Let’s Talk About That Smell
Let’s Talk About That Smell  

Do you think that no one will notice that you just smoked a joint or lit up that bong? Well, think again Mr. Toker. Put down that weed and get rid of that skunk smell. For those of you out there that have ever experienced this: Worrying or even being told that you have a skunky smell about you.
Well, that is what can be expected when smoking cannabis since it omits a definite smell that is quickly absorbed and sticks and penetrates on your clothes, your hair. and on your body “PERIOD.” This strong scent is easily trapped on you and the smoking surroundings that cause you to reek of marijuana smoke and can leave you vulnerable when around family and friends that may not be as accepting of marijuana use or when in public. If you have been trying to calm your anxiety this way then as an example “You can forget about meeting the parents of your girlfriend.” Get it?

On the other hand, those using cannabis solventless extractions do not have to worry about this, since the odor is far less noticeable to the average individual.  “Thank Goodness!“ This makes it more appealing to use. So you decide, do you want to continue smelling of heavy odors or try cannabis extractions and be more discreet? You choose.

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Many thanks to Joe for writing this blog!

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