The Power of Flower

The Power of Flower

Ultimately, it’s truly difficult to say what solvent-less extraction product is better. How will you know unless you experiment and try different rosin methods? It is not a question of whether to “Press or not to Press” but as to what solventless concentrates you prefer.

Flower rosin is still the most popular for most home growers. This is because flower rosin is easy to prepare and use. With the use of a hot surface and pressure as supplied from a rosin press, such as a Dabpress, gooey oil can be squeezed from the cannabis flower creating a sweet golden sap.

Another reason is that the solvent-less rosin technique used to make flower rosin does not require the use of alcohol, butane, and propane. In other words, the technique of rosin pressing is cleaner and purer.

Of course, the material you use will determine your end result. The freshness and quality of your bud will determine the production of your oil. Good oil production comes from using the freshest flower that you can get your hands on. Also, remember that some strains contain more oil than others and a well-grown flower will produce more yield.

So Press On and get your Power with your Flower.

Many thanks to Joe for writing this blog!