How To Get Automatic Rosin Press?

How To Get Automatic Rosin Press?

Firstly, we only recommend building automatic rosin press with our hydraulic cylinder styled heat press from the following items:

Generally speaking, we are getting an automatic rosin press after connecting the heat press with an electric hydraulic pump or air hydraulic pump plus air compressor. Due to the different couplers included in our heat press, we strongly recommend you reading the following blog post carefully before the order.

1# Pairing An Air Hydraulic Pump and Air Compressor:

2# Pairing An Electric Hydraulic Pump:


  • Usually, air hydraulic pump doesn't include a pressure gauge unless you install one yourself.
  • Please figure out which kind of coupler including on the hydraulic hose of NPT 1/4" or 3/8" NPT fittings.
  • You are unable to contact a 3/8"-coupler pump to our 10 & 12 heat press, you need a 3/8" coupler reducer kit to proceed.
  • Please operate the unit by using hand, not food for a safety process.

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