Dabpress Rosin Heat Press - Size Comparison


Dear Rosineer,

We often were asked about the size of DIY rosin press plates kit and hydraulic rosin press machine.

Hydraulic rosin press in height from tall to short as below:

  1. 6-ton Complete Rosin Press | Made of 6-ton Bottle Jack 
  2. 3-ton Complete Rosin Press | Made of 6-ton Bottle Jack 
  3. 12-ton Hydraulic Cylinder Rosin Press | 12-ton Hydraulic Cylinder Ram 
  4. 10-ton Hydraulic Cylinder Rosin Press | 10-ton Hydraulic Cylinder Ram 
  5. 10-ton Mini Hydraulic Cylinder Rosin Press | 10-ton Hydraulic Cylinder Ram 

3, 6-ton Rosin Press Is Complete Equipment to Plug and Play.
10, 12-ton Rosin Press Need to Pair A Hydraulic Hand Pump Before Starting Working.

Easily Operated & Maintained to All Rosin Press from Dabpress Technologies

  • All Product Made of Plug-in Components - Easily Repair at Home
  • Durable Frame and PID Temp Controller Box Guarantees Long Service Life
  • Anodized Working Surface Guarantees Food-grade Contacts
  • One Year Warranty 

Please Check out Dabpress Product Gears from Google Drive

Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Dabpress Team 


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