How to Build A Pneumatic Hydraulic Pressure Rosin Press?


How to Build A Pneumatic Hydraulic Pressure Rosin Press?


  • Due to 10 & 12-ton heat press including 1/4" NPT coupler ( 1/4" NPT threads on the cylinder ), so it doesn't allow connecting a pump with 3/8" NPT male on the hose. But by removing the female coupler on the cylinder and replacing it with 3/8" coupler reducer kit ( It locates in the factory right now, and will be available in Canada and USA from 1st, May 2020 ), then it is able to work to a 3/8" pump.
  • For the safety process, please put the paddle board on the working table, do not operate the unit by using the foot.
  • Please choose the most suitable optioned equipment to build your own heat press.
  • The equipment recommended only located in the USA, please search the similar products from your local store if you live outside of America.

1# Rosin Press: 

2# Pneumatic Hydraulic Pressure Pump: 

3# 3/8 Coupler Reducer Kit:

4# Air Compressor:

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