How to Build A Pneumatic Hydraulic Pressure Rosin Press?

How to Build A Pneumatic Hydraulic Pressure Rosin Press?


Due to the 10 & 12-ton heat press including a 1/4" NPT coupler ( 1/4" NPT threads on the cylinder ), it doesn't allow connecting a pump with 3/8" NPT male on the hose. But by removing the female coupler on the cylinder and replacing it with 3/8" coupler reducer kit ( It locates in the factory right now, and will be available in Canada and USA from 1st, May 2020 ), then it is able to work to a 3/8" pump.
For the safety process, please put the paddle board on the working table, do not operate the unit using your foot.
Please choose the most suitable optioned equipment to build your own heat press.
The equipment recommended is only located in the USA, please search the similar products from your local store if you live outside of America.

1# Rosin Press: 

10-Ton Rosin Press 
12-Ton Rosin Press
10-Ton Rosin Press Mini

2# Pneumatic Hydraulic Pressure Pump: 

Bestool Air Hydraulic Pump | $165 off ( Including NPT 3/8" hydraulic hose )
TEMCo Air Hydraulic Pump | $219 off ( Including NPT 3/8" hydraulic hose )

3# 3/8 Coupler Reducer Kit:

3/8" Coupler Reducer Kit from
BVA 3/8" Male to 1/4" Female Reducer Plus BVA 3/8" Coupler from

4# Air Compressor:

Please look for the air compressor off