How To Avoid The Filter Bags From Blowing Out?

How to avoid the filter bags from blowing out?

Remove excess stems from flowers.
Use less material in your filter bag.
Preheating your material first to get it melty before you begin to apply pressure.
Apply the pressure more slowly.

    How to apply the pressure for optimal yield and quality?

    Flower is the easiest material to extract. Slowly compress the puck until the oil begins to flow. As the extraction is flowing, it is important to keep some weight of the downward force on the jack handle to maintain the level of pressure in which the oil is releasing. By applying too much pressure we may experience blowouts, or even introduce plant matter into our essential oils. Once the puck is mostly extracted you should no longer feel any more release of pressure on the jack handle.
    Sift and fine material will take some practice, so we advise you to preheat your puck between closed platens. They need to only touch the top and bottom of the puck for preheating. No pressure is required. Allow the puck to preheat for 20-30 seconds. At this time the puck should be melty and more likely to flow out instead of building up pressure inside which may cause a blowout. Gently apply pressure onto the puck and give it time to release the oil, slowly applying the pressure throughout the entire extraction. 

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