Cheap Rosin Press Machines For Sale - About Manual Lever Type Heat Press Machine

Cheap Rosin Press Machines For Sale on the Market

From 2018, more and more rosin press companies began to provide their own designed and produced rosin presses for sale in North America. Some are made in the USA, Canada, and some are made in China. Prices also range from US$200 to US$20,000.

Although there are many types of rosin presses on the market, three of them are basically favored by consumers. Manual lever-type rosin press, car jack type rosin press, and hydraulic cylinder type heat press. Today, we will only focus on the most popular manual rosin machine on the market.

Manual Lever-type Rosin Press Machine:

Unit price:

$150 ~ $200 per unit


    Cheap price
    Easy to move and use
    Plug & play
    Complete rosin press (no need for other accessories such as air compressors)

      Because this kind of rosin hand press uses the principle of levers to complete the rosin extraction process with man strength, and the device are all fixed with screws, so in the first 5-10 rosin extraction process, rosineers are satisfied with it, however after more than 10 times, they realized that it will be required to adjust the lever system to complete the extraction process before use.
      In order to reduce costs and easily delivery, this type of rosin machine uses a poor quality iron frame. But many user have to apply full pressure in order to improve rosin yield. It is often easy to cause machine broken or the lever system to malfunction.
      As we all know, the temperature is a very critical factor to ensure the quality of rosin, but this type of rosin machine often cannot provide a very accurate temperature. Either the return is very low, or the extracted rosin is of poor quality.
      Due to the unstable quality, rosineers often have to go through several months of use, and buying a new rosin machine instead.
        The above is my personal evaluation of such products after testing. As one of the manufacturers of rosin machines, I should not have commented on other companies’ products. I am here to remind consumers that before buying this kind of product, they should do more research to avoid wasting money and time. To some rosineers, If you only squeeze less 3.5g and seldom squashes, Maybe this kind of rosin press is a good choice if they have a limited budget.

        Dabpress only focuses on bottle jack and hydraulic cylinder type rosin machines. We do hope that every end-user can be satisfied with our quality and service. Meanwhile, we utilize an open design for our product in order to facilitate rosineers can replace accessories to increase the service life of the product.

        Thanks for reading!

        Dabpress Team