Authorized Reseller Policy 

  • Firstly, customers who prefer to purchase through a reseller generally do so because this service is useful to them. We think it is therefore appropriate for the reseller to charge the customer an additional fee, on top of the cost of the license.
  • Secondly, when multiple resellers contact us for a quote on the same item, we will quote the same price to all who inquire. The prices quoted are the same as those published on our website.

The Pricing & Requirement As a Reseller  

  • 20% Money Off 
  • $2000 Mini Order Quantities As Requested
  • Free Shipping Offered by Air & by Sea
  • Contact Us for the Code ( )
  • You Have to Pay the Customs Duties

    Can You Become Our Drop Shipper?

    • Drop Shipping Is Not in Service

    Join Us to Be Reseller?

    • You have Front Store in the city
    • You are Blog Owner
    • You have Web-store engaged in the related canna-products
    • You want to distribute Dabpress' products in your country

    How to Order as a Reseller

    • If you are a reseller making an occasional purchase on behalf of a customer:
    • Start at our purchase page and follow the purchase process to the checkout page.
    • At checkout, provide the end user's information in the Delivery address section. Provide your own information in the Different billing address section. No invoice or pricing information will be sent to the delivery address.
    • When you receive notification that your order was processed, simply keep the invoice for your records. You may wish to forward activation information to the end user, but it will be delivered without additional action if you provided end user information in the Delivery address section.

    Any other question, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

    Dabpress Team



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