When Will We Calibrate PID Temp Controller?

What is a PID temperature controller?

The controller would then send a signal to increase the applied heat to raise the temperature back to the setpoint. However, once the temperature reaches the setpoint, the heater will again kick in. Unlike ON/OFF control, PID control determines the exact output value required to maintain the desired temperature. 

THE Digital PID temp controller needs an initial calibration period.

The PID controller needs a calibration process to adapt to rosin plates. After several runs, we will obtain a more accurate temperature. 

When will we calibrate the PID temp controller?

If the temp controller works great, you do not need to calibrate.  Only when the ambient temperature changes a lot we would suggest to calibrate.  The video below will show a demonstration on how to recalibrate. Please notice, it doesn't help a lot.

So we suggest you don't reset unless you have to. 

How to calibrate your PID temp controller?

1, Press for over three seconds with the "SET" button.

    Display: “AL1/003”

2, Press "SET" button two times

    Display: “AEU/0000”

3, Press Up arrow then you get “0001”

4, Press for over three seconds to exit 

Well done!

Watch Video Now!

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