How to Use CBD Oil and other CBD Products

How to Use CBD Oil and other CBD Products

As more states are legalizing cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes, many CBD products are readily available on the market. CBD is extractible from hemp, and it is a natural treatment for health conditions like muscle pain and aches, seizures, and insomnia.

Besides CBD oil, cannabis companies are now adding CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in many things, including fast foods and beauty products. Some individuals take CBD as a daily well-being supplement. Typically, there is an array of alternatives that one can use CBD, and a study shows that products with pure CBD are safer.

Three common ways to use CBD Oil and other CBD products

CBD is available in different forms to allow individuals to tailor a specific way of use for particular needs.

Ingest CBD orally

In this category, you’ll know how to use some forms of CBD as follows:

CBD oil

CBD oil comes in a bottle that has a dropper. Depending on the dosage, put a few drops under your tongue and hold for some time before swallowing it. It allows the CBD oil to absorb into the bloodstream, where it works to provide results. As well, you can add some drops of CBD oil to smoothie recipes. It allows you to control the dosage as per your needs.

CBD oil contains:

CBD extract or isolate base – it is the component that provides the product’s medicinal effects. It delivers properties depending on the CBD, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate.
A carrier oil – mixes with the type of CBD to balance potency, as well as, deliver CBD and other cannabinoids to the user.
Additives – they are optional, and these can include terpenes, flavors, or sweeteners. It helps those people who do not like the grassy taste of cannabis extract and for additional health benefits, in the case of terpenes. 
CBD capsules and pills

Are you familiar with using pills and capsules? If yes, then ingesting CBD is the same way as taking such capsules. You swallow the pill with water to help push it down the throat.

The capsules come in two-piece capsules or soft gels. Also, the capsules can either be:

CBD liquid- containing capsules that contain CBD in oil form.
CBD powder- containing capsules that have CBD in powder form. 

Edibles are CBD-infused food products like gummies, cookies, suckers, brownies, and chocolate. They are tasty, and people chew them as they do with snacks. They are discrete, portable, delicious, affordable, and come in different flavors. The good thing is that a person knows the exact CBD dosage he is taking.

With edibles, most people will not hesitate to try consuming CBD. Also, few individuals have issues eating a cookie, chocolate bar, or gummy bear.

Topical application

CBD products for muscle pains and aches work well when you apply them to the skin. Topical applications work quickly on the target area.

They are in lotion, rubs, and cream forms, and people suffering from knee or muscle pain and injury apply the cream to manage the pain. These kinds of topicals also help treat some skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. Like the brain, the skin also has endocannabinoid receptors that interact with CBD in topical to provide relief.

There are also CBD beauty products that you apply to the skin. Such products include; cleansers, serums, beard oil, soaps, bath bombs, shampoo, lip balm, toners, and masks. They help reduce aches, and swelling, and deliver relaxing effects. Research shows that CBD can act as an anti-acne agent.

Dabbing and vaping

Dabbing is another way to consume CBD, mainly CBD concentrate, which is high potency hemp plant extract, and that contain high amounts of cannabidiol. Dabbing involves inhaling CBD concentrates like shatter, crumble, and wax. A marijuana user may also add CBD concentrate to his vaping routines to help reduce the mind-altering effects that come with THC.

Vaping involves inhaling vaporized CBD oil, and it is the fastest way that a person will experience the effects of CBD. The absorption of inhaled CBD happens in the lungs.

You can choose to use a reusable or disposable vape pen to vape CBD oil. Typically, you add CBD oil to the vape pen to achieve CBD e-liquids. Thus, it ensures that a person enjoys different flavors while realizing the gains that come with CBD.

Luckily, online dispensary Canada offers quality CBD products from shatter to CBD oil, candies, and flowers. Check their products and buy the one that suits your needs.


CBD oil and other CBD products are easy to use. The delivery time may help you consider a suitable way to use CBD since a panic attack requires a fast-delivery method like vaping. Therefore, some ways take much more time to provide effects than others, and it is upon you to choose the best way that delivers the needed results. Also, remember that the CBD dosage depends on your health issues and weight, among other factors.

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