Farming Essentials For A Good Marijuana Yield

Farming essentials for a good marijuana yield

Are you planning to grow your marijuana but don’t know where to start? Well, whether you are a novice or a pro at using marijuana, growing it is a different ball game altogether. There are a lot of decisions that you ought to make, the equipment you need to buy, and efforts you will have to invest in growing marijuana. Does it seem too scary? Worry not, for we have made an extensive check-list of all the essential you need to have a good yield.

Check-list of farming essentials:

1. Get the right space: The first thing that you need to ask yourself is where do you want to grow your little marijuana farm. You can grow marijuana either in a tent or a room, but ensure that you have ample space. All you need are some High yielding feminized marijuana seeds, and you are good to go. If you have a big room that you can turn into your green space, you can start there. But, if you cannot give an entire room to the plants, you can opt for a grow tent, which comes with the whole set-up.

Pro tip: Using a room to grow cannabis plants will include a lot of drilling and building for the equipment to fit it. So, if you are not the one who favors handy work, you might want to invest in a grow tent.

2. Invest in the necessary equipment: While there is plenty of equipment you need to grow marijuana, proper lights stand out among all. Cannabis plants require intense and strong lights to grow. Not only do the lights make them grow faster, but it also enhances the quality of your yield. The regular household bulbs won't make the cut; you will require full-spectrum LED lights for the plants to grow faster and give more yield.

Pro tip: Invest in T5 Fluorescent, HID, or LED lights for your marijuana farm. Each stage of the growing process will require you to adjust the wavelength, so go with the lights that allow you to be flexible.

3. Make sure the soil is healthy: The health of the soil can directly impact how your plants turn out to be. If you are trying your hand at farming for the first time, you can start off with the standard soil, for it won’t overfeed the plants. Once you have gained enough experience and have ample time on hand, you can opt for a hydroponic system. But if getting your hands green seems like too much trouble, you can always get budget buds to enjoy your daily dose of marijuana.

Pro tip: Fertilizers are an excellent way to provide some extra stimulus to marijuana plants. You can add the nutrients which are rich in potassium and phosphorus during the flowering stage to ensure that the buds are dense and thick.

4. Ensure the environment is suitable: When it comes to growth, just having the right soil and lights will not suffice. The temperature of the grow room, humidity, and carbon dioxide level can significantly alter the marijuana yield. So, to ensure that the plants have a healthy environment to grow, you need to keep the temperature and humidity levels in check.

Pro tip: The humidity level must remain between 50-70% depending upon the stage the plants are in. When it comes to temperature, it can vary from 14 degrees to 21 degrees Celsius while the plants receive light, and it can be within 21 degrees to 29 degrees when they are without light.

5. Fix the airflow: Air is vital for every plant to grow, but it is more important for the cannabis plants. They need fresh air, which is rich in CO2 to have proper growth of the plant, including the branches and flowers. The flow of fresh air into your farm can even help you manage the humidity level and temperature.

Pro tip: Make a vent on the top of the room to allow the warm air to go out and place one vent from the low point of the room. You can add two fans inside the room to allow proper airflow.

6. Give enough support: Proper support is essential for your marijuana plants if you want a good yield. Many marijuana strains have weak branches by nature and may require some additional help to sustain the weight of mature buds.

Pro tip: If you want to give support to the plants, you can use bamboo sticks or rods as they are the most cost-effective way. For the ones who need something more elaborate, you can build a cage to support the plant’s growth.

7. Harvest at the right time: While you might be tempted to harvest the flowers as soon as you get the smell, it might not be the wisest decision. To get a high yield of potent marijuana, you have to be patient.

Pro tip: There is a short window of time when the yield is the highest and when it will start losing potency, so you ought to be careful with time. Keep in mind that waiting for too long can affect the potency of the marijuana.

Final thoughts

Marijuana wave has effectively taken over the world and made it secure a place in everyone’s life. Whether you are using it for medicinal reasons or recreational, you will want high-quality marijuana for yourself. While you can easily get marijuana from a nearby medical store or online dispensary, you can use a more hands-on approach and grow it yourself. Starting your marijuana farm can be the best thing for you if you are a regular user. It will not only get you quality strains with a high level of cannabinoids, but it will also be friendly for your pocket. To reap in most benefits, make sure you pick the right strain. If you are looking for relaxation after a tiring day, go with a potent strain like death bubba and let go of your stress. 

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