Best 6 Ton Rosin Press Review on Amazon ( Wax, Shatter and Nug )

Best 6 Ton Rosin Press Review on Amazon ( Wax, Shatter and Nug )

I paid for this press with my money and this is my Review! First of all, I got this press with Prime/free shipping and unbelievably showed up in less than 15 hrs. so BAM!, I was already happy. I bought this to press rosin to make edibles because I'm tired of smoking but I like 420. Everything was well packed in 1 big box. Nothing broken, thick foam padding, not styrofoam. Takes about 20 minutes to bolt on the legs (comes with nice quality tools, 4 extra bolts, and 2 extra fuses) and removes more packing material. I am a complete novice so this is my learning process. What I have learned is this thing a built like a tank and serves my needs perfectly. I'm pressing large buds, 1/8s, and 1/4s. I have only tried bags a few times and I don't know what the hell I'm doing with those. I think I need a block pre-press thing. It's a 6-ton bottle jack with good quality heat blocks, thick bamboo insulation, and dual heat controls. I took pics, check em out! I can't imagine needing much more pressure but it is capable of bumping up to an 8-ton bottle jack but it gets the job done for me. I wish the power box had rubber feet because it slides all over the place. So I glued 4 little rubber feet I took from something else. I also changed the Kotter pins and put 2 bigger ones in each whole thinking it would be tighter. It didn't change much but I feel better I guess. As far as what it produces, the real learning part. The quality of the product you press makes a huge huge difference. But I will say that in the 2 weeks I've had it, I'm getting better and better. It heats up quickly and doesn't take up much space. And I use it standing up, not tipping it on the removable legs and it works fine for me. Great for beginners, slightly upgradeable, heat blocks are great quality and easily transferable should you choose. To build it yourself would cost about the same. This thing is rock solid, you would have to a real nimrod to break this thing or be trying to. I have learned and am learning everything on youtube, the best library EVER! I gave this press 5 stars because it's made well, has quality components, simple to set up and use, it's under $500 and it works great for me.

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