Import Taxes & Sales Taxes You Need Know from Internet Purchases

To American Rosineers: 

  • No Import Taxes   
  • No Sales Taxes 
  • The western United States Warehouse Built
  • The Eastern United States Warehouse under Building 

To Canada Rosineers:

  • Few Import Tariffs [ Shipping from the Factory Warehouse Once the Item Is out of Stock ]
  • No Sales Taxes
  • Vancouver Warehouse Built [ The Shipment Reach There Before  20th, Jan 2019 ]

To European Rosineers:

  • Import Tariffs [ Import, Customs, and Tariff Rules - Learn More ]
  • No Sales Taxes
  • The UK Warehouse under Building [ It Will Completed Before 1st, Aug 2019 ]

To Rosineers from Other Countries:

  • Import Tariffs - Please Check It out Before Doing Purchase
  • No Sales Taxes

Well Noted, Please!

  • In Order to Minimize Your Import Tariffs, We Only Ship out the Items with DHL Priority.
  • In Order to Minimize Your Import Tariffs, We Offer the Different Value Invoice to DHL Priority.
  • Please Don't Hesitate to Contact Us If You Have Any Special Requirements about the Invoice.
  • Please Contact Us to Get A  Sample of the Commercial Invoice.
  • As Usual, DHL Helps You to Clear Customs.