★ How to Get A Free Gift?

Typically Leave Your Unbiased Product Review on Amazon Prime Store after Buying Products listed below:

dp-rp37    Caged Plates 
dp-rp35s  Caged Plates
dp-rp47    Cageless Press Plates
dp-bj6t35 Hydraulic Rosin Press
dp80        Pneumatic Rosin Press

    Choose ONE of Below Items as a FREE Gift :

    $36.99 dp-dt1 Bamboo Dab Tool Kits
    $36.99 dp-pm3015r Cylinder Pre-press Mold 
    $19.99 dp-bt160ns Rosin Press Bags
    $24.99 dp-mj37 Rosin Bag Holder
    $22.99 dp-mj35 Rosin Bag Holder

    PS: Please email us your Amazon Order Number and the copy of your amazon product review. Thank you for your support.

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