DIY Rosin Press - Build Your Own Rosin Press

DIY Rosin Press - Build Your Own Rosin Press

Before Buying, what are you concerned about the rosin press kit? 

Quick Heating up 

  • How many watts is the heating rods?
  • How many of the heating rods do rosin plates kit include?
  • How thick is the heating plates?
  • Is there an insulator attached?
  • What materials are the insulators made of?

PS: The insulator becomes the most important to the rosin press. It not only heats up quickly but also prevents the hydraulics from overheating to get a long service life. It causes O-rings aging inside of hydraulics, and stop working If used for a long time in a high-temperature environment,

Alignment & Safty in the process of pressing

  • Aligning movement in the process of pressing guarantees to obtain the even pressure on the rosin bags.
  • Safe operation is the basic requirement of a rosin press. 

PS: We offer not only caged rosin press kit but also uncaged rosin press kit the bottom plates holder to allow to lock on the hydraulics.

Simple Clean-up & Evenly Heating up

  • Are the heating elements anodizing?
  • There are any scratches on the working surface?
  • Where is the position of heating rods?

How Long Does It Serve me up? It Depends on ... 

  • PID temperature controllers
  • The gap of heating rods and the hole on rosin heat plates
  • Quality of the heating rods

PS: In addition to producing the best materials, the parts of the PID temp controller box allow to be replaced becomes very important to end-users. It will serve you many years though replacing the parts even out of warranty.

Some companies offer a lifetime warranty. Sounds nice but you have to pay to return, and only wait to send back. why not pick up the press you can control?

Overall, please consider clearly before buying a rosin press kit.

First Time Rosin Pressing With DABPRESS

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