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I recently bought a rosin press from your good selfs a little while ago. I have been using the press to press flower, to then mix with wax liquidiser and finally into ccell vape carts. I am finding the carts are clogging up after roughly halfway through a cart. I have tried various carts and the ccells seem to last the longest. Question, I have been pressing without mesh screens. Would 90u filters remove waxes, plant material and stop my carts from clogging? I really don't want to winterize if possible, just wondered if the mesh screens would stop the clogging of my vape carts?


Regarding the waxes and fats and such in your rosin, this is mostly unavoidable. Smaller micron may help but it is unlikely. Some recommendations for cleaning your rosin -

1. Winterization is the best method
2. Hash or sift your flower first using the highest grade (least plant matter) for pressing
3. "Jar tech" method can help separate the waxes and fats from the cannabinoids

An alternative to carts is to use a bucket load as you go type atomizer such as SAI Top Airflow atomizer. These styles atomizerrs are deigned for e-cig style battery mods, not pen style batteries. Their advantage to not being clogged as you will wipe it out between loads.

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