4 Ton Starter Rosin Press - 3x5 Heated Platens - 7-10g Materials Loaded - Upgrade from 3-Ton Press
4 Ton Starter Rosin Press - 3x5 Heated Platens - 14g sift or 10g flower with 4-ton heat press Features: 3x5" Anodized Heated Platens - Well suited to squeeze 7-10g materials; easy to clean and the best flavor for vaping. Heat...
$449.00 $369.00
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Commercial Rosin Press 12 Ton - 4x7" Anodized Heated Platens - 1,200 Watts, 4pc Heating Rods
Commercial Rosin Press 12 Ton - Dual 4x7 Inches Heated Platens - 1,200 Watts 4-Piece Heating Rods Features: Quick Heating-up - Dual heating rods for each 4x7" heated platen for even and quick heating-up, 300 watts per rods, 1,200 watts in total. Pairs Hand Pump...
$699.00 $599.00
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