How to Replace the Bottle Jack?

How to Replace the Bottle Jack?

The instruction is applicable to bottle jack styled heat press machine that need to replace the jack step by step:

1. Loose the bolts under the base and on the collar if includes.
2. Ask someone to help you lift up the the heated plates.
3. Remove the bottle jack.
4. After loading the replacement. If the replacement offers a thread, please pre-install the screws and nuts (do not tighted it)
5. Lift the bottle jack till dual heated platens touched, and then adjust the dual heating plates to align with each other.
6. Lift up the bottom heated plate harder, tighten all bolts at the end.


We tighten the original jack on the base to ensure that the upper and bottom heating plates are aligned. You have no need to drill and tap a thread to a new replacement. but make sure center mounted for alignment to the base.

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