Explain Why Can't I Use Dabpress' Temp Controller Box for E-nail?
Explain Why Can't Use Dabpress' Temp Controller Box for E-nail?

5-Pin XLR Type Connectors Used In Temp Controller Box Could Easily Be Broken, Why?

- We have tested it many times: it’s easy to be broken after shaking tens of times. Usually, we put the temp controller box on top of a hydraulic shop press. It is a risk that it may drop on the floor accidentally. No connector of cable  & unplug design from Dabpress temp controller box could avoid the risk of breaking, so we use a connector that is more flexible and less likely to break.

- Welded cable design
Just like the iPhone charger, the cable is easy to break at the connecting point near the charger. The XLR connector is welded, it will break off easily just like the iPhone charger when it gets excessive force upon it.

- We have to choose thick wire for safety.
Normally, a 5-pin XLR connector of a temp controller made in china chooses a 3-5A current, which is not enough to meet the current requirement of Dabpress temp controller box.

- Why choose 5 pins XDL?
Two pins for the heater, and two pins for probes (heat sensor). It means the heater and sensor have to stay in the same stainless steel case. How could it be able to detect an accurate temperature?
It may be a smart design but not for us. We have to abandon the benefits E-nail/XLR 5-pin compatibility offers to provide the most durable design for our Rosin Control Box.

It doesn’t mean Dabpress’ quality is the best. What I am trying to say is “good customer experience is the first thing we bear in mind”. We push ourselves to become better and better, and a focus on quality first and foremost.

Now let me answer the important question.

How to replace the heater once it doesn’t work in the future?

- The heater has its own working life, usually about 6000-8000 hours.
- For rosin press plates, aluminum plates and frames are solid and sturdy for long-term use, but heat rods and temp controller boxes could fail as any electronics.
- Unplug-design guarantees a long life of the temp controller box. That's why Dabpress abandons the benefits E-nail/XLR 5-pin brings. 
- It is simple to replace cables for home/on-site repair.
- You can get a discounted new temp controller if your temp box no longer works. We don’t sell our temp controller individually unless you bought a rosin press kit from us.
- Whether it is made in the United States, China, or anywhere else in the World, You always can obtain respect once you take care of the customer's needs and requirements.

Thanks for reading!