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Why Can't I Use Dabpress' Temp Controller Box for E-nail?

Let me explain it as below:

  • Normal standard 5-pin XLR is easy to break. Just like iPhone charger, the cable is easy to break at the connecting point near the charger. XLR connector is welded, so it will break off easily. 
  • Heater has its own working life, usually about 6000-8000 hours.
  • For rosin press plates, aluminum plate and frame are solid and sturdy for long-term use, but temp controller box could break down much easier. Unplug-design guarantees long life of temp controller box. That's why dabpress abandons the benefits E-nail brings. 
  • You can try to open the dabpress temp controller box: no connectors installed from the two relays to heaters, just wires.That's how we guarantee our temp controller long working life.

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