Parts Needed To Build Your Own 10-Ton Hydraulic Hand Pump With Gauge.

Parts Needed To Build Your Own 10-Ton Hydraulic Hand Pump With Gauge.

*The reason so many parts are needed is that there are few, if any, easily sourced 1/4" NPT hydraulic gauge adapters rated to 10000 PSI. So we must buy a 3/8" NPT hydraulic gauge adapter and reduce its fitting sizes down to 1/4" to work with the more affordable 10-ton hydraulic pumps like Strongway, Porta Power, Big Red (EU/UK), and others who use smaller diameter hose to deliver the same tonnage as the more commercial grade pumps such as Enerpac. Every piece listed in this DIY build is rated for 10000 PSI working pressure.

First, a gauge adapter is required. Two common types are available, all-in-one or build your own

All-in-one 3/8" NPT Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Adapter with gauge 10000 PSI rated (Choose One)

$50 -
$264 -


Build your own 3/8" NPT Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Adapter with 1/4" NPT gauge port 10000 PSI rated (no gauge) (Choose One)

$57 -
$57 -
$66 -

with 10000 PSI rated Gauge 1/4" NPT (Choose One)

$13 -
$25 -
$256 (digital) -

Second, a 1/4" NPT compatible 10-ton pump with hose and fitting, buy together or individually.

10-ton Hydraulic Pump with Hose 1/4" NPT (Choose One)

$44 -
$48 -
$48 -
$50 -
$60 -


10-ton Hydraulic Pump (No Hose) 1/4" NPT (Choose One)

$32 -

with 10000 PSI Hydraulic Hose 1/4" NPT (Choose One)

$20 -

Third, you will need a 3/8" to 1/4" NPT Hydraulic Hose Bushing 10000 PSI rated to connect the hose into the gauge adapter. (Choose One)

$11 -
$17 -

Fourth, a 3/8" to 1/4" NPT Hydraulic Hose Adapter 10000 PSI rated to connect the gauge adapter into the hydraulic pump (Choose One)

$20 -
$25 -

Lastly, a pair of crescent wrenches and Teflon tape with a little muscle should get the job done.

UPDATE: We now have a 1/4" NPT gauge kit available for purchase on our official webstore or Amazon Prime.  The cost is $29.99.  This gauge kit will pair directly to a strongway or porta power 10-ton hydraulic pump without the need to buy reducers or bushings.

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