Rosin Press with Pressure Gauge - Affordable 10-ton Rosin Press Machine

Rosin Press with Pressure Gauge - Affordable 10-ton Rosin Press Machine

Trying to get a jump on the affordable DIY hydraulic hand pump, hose, and gauge.

I have not tested any of this yet, but putting this up here as it's as close as I've got. Will likely be ordering the bushing and adapter once I have the parts in hand to verify the fittings.

This is what I am thinking right now, the fittings make this a more expensive option =/

1) Generic 10-ton hydraulic hand pump with hose 10000 PSI rated (1/4" NPT threads on hose)
$44 -
$48 -
$48 -
$50 -
$60 -

2a) 2 1/2" face in-line gauge with adapter (for 3/8" NPT hoses and pumps) 10000 PSI rated
$50 -

or, build your own gauge with an adapter, 3/8" NPT

2b) 2 1/2" face gauge 10000 PSI rated, 1/4" NPT male fitting for adapter
$13 -
$25 -
$119 (digital) -
2b) Enerpac GA3 gauge adapter 10000 PSI rated, 3/8" NPT fittings for hose and pump, 1/4" NPT port for gauge -
$66 -


3) Enerpac 3/8" male to 1/4" female reducer bushing 10000 PSI rated - Enerpac # FZ1630
$15 -
$18 -

4) Enerpac 3/8" female to 1/4" male adapter 10000 PSI rated - Enerpac # FZ1055
$25 -
$25 -

$134 + shipping

Build at your own risk if you don't wanna wait for me to verify! Don't forget the Teflon tape to seal all threads.

Many Thanks for @Psychonaut ( ) Sharing!

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  • John On

    It’s hard not to begin with “After extensive research” but……..I was aiming at this approach of building a separate pump to mate with the 10 ton press. After extensive research 😉 I chose to buy the 6 ton unit with integrated jack. I did so because most of my pressings will be two 7 g pucks. I’ll never need to exert more than 6 ton of pressure. I’m delighted that I narrowed it down for myself. Take away message: Before you chose a separate pump cost and build, consider if 3” x 5” plates with an integrated jack might work just as well for you 👍😉

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