10-Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Rosin Press - Pressure ( PSI ) Calculation

Specification of Dabpress 10-Ton Cylinder Ram:

( 10-Ton Cylinder Ram )


Measuring the pressure requires some math to be able to determine the total force delivered, and then again, how much PSI we are putting on the material itself. 

Since the pressure gauge is measuring the pressure inside the hydraulic system, not the actual pressure on the material itself, we have to take the cylinder's effective area (2.25) and do some calculations to figure out the pressure delivered.

In order to have an idea of how much PSI you are applying on the bag, you need to know the puck's surface area.  To figure out the surface area, we multiply the length x width (in inches), or if it's a round puck we find A = πr2

Now we have to break it all down.  Having predetermined puck sizes such as what we get when we use a pre-press mold or filter bags, we know, prior to pressing, what the puck surface area will be. Our 30mm dp-pm3015r, dp-pm30s cylinder pre-press molds will squish down a puck about 1.75" diameter at 2.4 sq/in  Our 40mm dp-pm40r cylinder pre-press mold will squish down a puck about 2.5" diameter at 4.9 sq/in.

To use our 30mm pre-press molds as an example:

We know the puck is going to be 2.4 sq/in, and we want to apply 1000 PSI to the material. We need 2400 total pounds of force. To reach 2400 total pounds of force we have to divide 2400 / 2.25 = 1066 PSI on the gauge.

As long as you know the surface area of your puck, you will follow this math -

PSI desired on material x surface area in sq/in = total force needed
total force needed / 2.25 = Pressure reading on gauge

1000 x 2.4 = 2400 total force needed
2400 / 2.25 = 1066 PSI on gauge

Using our rectangle pre-press mold dp-pm4007s as an example

Square/rectangle pucks are easier math, L" x W" = sq/in
Ex. 7 sq/in puck (2x3.5")

1000 x 7 = 7000 total force needed
7000 / 2.25 = 3111 PSI on gauge


When the 30mm puck is pressed using a 2" wide filter, the compressed puck size is roughly 1.75" diameter  Since desired pressure is based on the final surface area of the pressed puck, we measure it after it's pressed and provide that information in the blog to save you time.
Please feel free to measure your pressed puck for more accuracy, especially if you do not use a filter bag, the size may be larger since it is not contained.
2.25 is cylinder effective area which is used to calculate total force when using a pressure gauge.