Affiliates Questions & Answers

1, Affiliate program qualifications?

  • Up to 5K followers of Instagram, Facebook or other social media.
  • Up to 3K followers of YouTube Channel.
  • Owner or Administrator of the Forums or Reddit.
  • Blogger with 100M traffics per month.

#Tips - If you are interested and also is qualified, please contact us via with your application. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

2, How to get started?

  • If you are interested and also is qualified, you need to create your affiliate account by filling out Affiliate Registration Form, Or contact us via email: directly. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

#Tips - we reserve the right to approve or reject any Affiliate Program Application in our sole and absolute discretion. 

3, What will we get?

  • Your customers/followers are able to automatically get 5% money off for purchasing from the coupon link you share with them.
  • You will also earn at least 5% commission back from purchases made by customers/followers on our site when the customers were referred to us through your links.

4, Commission tier for affiliates?

There are also different commission tiers:

Name Type Condition Commission
Green5 total sales amount $200 5.00% coupon code
Gold8 total sales amount $4000 8.00% coupon code
Top10 total sales amount $6000 10.00% coupon code

 #Tips - for more info about calculating the affiliates commission, see this post. 

5, How to get your commission?

  • Payouts only will be done via PayPal.

6, When will you get the commission?

  • Payouts will be done once a month. For an Affiliate to receive a commission, the referred account must remain active for a minimum of 30 days and you must offer a PayPal account before transferring.