Dear Rosineers, 

LUKPRESS is a new brand of DABPRESS, focusing on hydraulic cylinder styled rosin presses. At present, DABPRESS 10, 12 ton machines have been upgraded to LUKPRESS brand. DABPRESS 20 or 30 ton machines will be upgraded into LUKPRESS as well.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, we also include the DABPRESS nameplate in the tool bags, you can replace it as you want.

Well Noted, Please!

  • 10,12-ton hydrualic cylinder rosin press to Canada with DABPRESS logo
  • 10,12-ton hydrualic cylinder rosin press to USA with LUKPRESS logo

Our product quality and service are as always, any other questions and requirements, please feel free to contact us via

Thank you very much for your continued trust and choice.

    Best regards,
    Dabpress Team