How to achieve Highest Yields using your Dabpress Rosin Kit with Cylinder Pre-Press Mold and Rosin Filters

How to achieve the Highest Yields using your Dabpress Rosin Kit with Cylinder Pre-Press Mold and Rosin Filters

When using cylinder pre-press mold and rosin filters, utilizing a vertical filter build (bottle tech style), we suggest filling the filter between 3.5-7g of similar-sized whole flowers or pieces (0.3-0.5g). When filling the pre-press with more than 5g, it is recommended to fill it first with 3.5g, tamp the buds down with the ram of the pre-press by hand, continue filling the mold, and finally finish by compressing the buds fully in the pre-press mold. Dense buds will hold their shape better, and be less likely to expand once inserted into the filter. Using more than 7g per filter is not recommended as blowouts may occur, and it is very likely that the filter will not fit between caged plates or all-in-one hydraulic press plates.

During pressing, the buds will expand in the filter to a footprint of roughly 1.75” in diameter. The total surface area for this puck is 2.40 sq/in. Pressing this puck with 3 tons of force is enough for pressing 7g using the vertical filter build. For presses rated for 6+ tons, with adequate surface area on the plates, multiple filters may be pressed at once. For example, on 3x5” plates, you can press 2x 7g filters on the 6+ ton unit 3X7” plates, and you can press 3x 7g filters on a 10+ shop press with a caged plate kit.

The caged plate kits have a limited opening in-between the upper and lower platen, so it is recommended to try 5g of a particular cultivar first, and then 7g after confirming the puck will not be too tall.

Simple numbers to help calculate pressure and capacity per run.

1x filter up to 7g – 3 tons (works for all plate sizes down to 3x3”)
2x filters up to 7g ea – 6 tons (works for all plate sizes down to 3x5”)
3x filters up to 7g ea - 9 tons (works for 7” plates only
6x filters up to 7g ea – 18 tons 

Using more than 3 tons of pressure per puck may result in filter blowout, parchment tearing, or bleeding through and rosin making direct contact with the plates (it's a mess!). Take extra care when pressing with excessive tonnage.

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