Is That Worth Pressing Trim For Rosin?

Is That Worth Pressing Trim For Rosin?


Usually, you'll get the dark rosin. The flavor won't be as good as opposed to buds will probably taste better than smoking shake and trim though.


Yields are maybe 1/2 of what you would get on the good cannabis flower.

Our recommendation:

Making bubble hash and then pressing that might be our great option, however, you have to spend a lot of time on it. Kinda depends on how much you need to process whether or not it's well worth it or not. I don't have plenty of revel in making bubble hash, but I can still recommend it.

Dry sifting may be a piece tricky if you aren't familiar. It's smooth to overlook where the best vs yield line is. One can maintain sifting into the green grimy because it may still be producing a decent amount of sift after it begins coming out dirtier. Pay interest to the great of what's popping out and try to err on the aspect of satisfaction. The difference between rosin from easy sift and from simply slightly dirty sift may be dramatic.

I recommend getting a fine screen, and placing the trim and small popcorn buds in the freezer (this removes moisture and makes the herb break up very fine).
Remove from the freezer and sift the trim and small buds over the screen. Do this on a mirror or marble countertop. Somewhere that you can easily scrape the trichomes up with a card.
Now you have resin glands (kief) that can then be pressed into hash or used to top off a bowl in your vape.
It might not be as potent as BHO but it is old school and doesn't have the "crackhead" vibe to it like a torch and nail set-up. Nothing wrong with that but I learned from old school guys... Dab rigs don't vibe with me. I won't turn down cannabis in any form but I much prefer solventless concentrates.