Regarding Blowouts When Pressing Hash, Sift or Kief in Micron Filter Bags, These Are Some Steps to Help with Your Extractions.
Regarding blowouts when pressing hash, sift, or kief in micron filter bags, these are some steps to help with your extractions.

1. Use double filter bags
2. Pack up to 2g max per sq/in of puck size made (i.e. 3x5 puck size (15 sq/in) = 30g maximum)
3. Ensure the filter is not too loose with the material, if it is too loose, reduce the puck size.
4. Preheat the puck for 30-45 seconds with little to no pressure to melt material prior to pressing
5. Slowly apply pressure, it should take up to 2 minutes to achieve desired PSI on the puck (500-800 PSI at the bag)
6. When the flow has stopped and you are certain the extraction is complete, open the platens and collect your parchment.

Most importantly, the puck should be relatively tight prior to pressing. Preheating is required to meet your material before applying pressure. Slowly applying pressure, then reaching optimal PSI at the end (500-800 PSI at the bag)