dp-rp37 Product Review On Amazon


dp-rp37 Product Review On Amazon

Wow! First, let me say I don't often write reviews but I felt this product was deserving of one. And I couldn't find many reviews online. This thing rocks! It's really a great buy. I purchased the dp-rp 37 plate kit.
Like some other more expensive kits both plates are aluminum and anodized. The control unit has a separate controller for each plate which you often pay more for on similar type presses. The build quality is top-notch and more than exceeded my expectations.
I was getting upwards of 26% returns pressing 20 G of flower... At half the price of similar caged units. The unit looks really nice too. You won't be disappointed. Customer Service was beyond great!

3x7" Heated Platens | dp-rp37 | 12-20 ton h-frame hydraulic press recommended

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