Are You Doing Enough Before Buy A Rosin Press?

Are You Doing Enough Before Buy A Rosin Press?

Extraction of pure THC from weed with chemical solvent is dangerous, expensive, toxic, and difficult to process. In fact, the day of purchasing cannabis extracts from the local dispensary is gone. Whether you grow your weed from seedling to harvest or buy the buds, you can now extract at home. The Rosin press is the perfect equipment to get it done efficiently. It extracts THC that consists of pure trichomes from your weed plants. Undoubtedly, the rosin heat press is the best way to dab! Once you try it, you will never think of using solvents for making THC.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of rosin press machine in the market. Many of these lead to wastage of extract when you use the wrong ones. Therefore, it is essential to use the best rosin heat press machine to extract the most significant amount of rosin and THC from your plants. Without the right features in the rosin heat press, you will definitely lose a lot of extracts. What then should you consider before buying a rosin press? Let’s highlight the most critical factors you need to have in mind.

Pressing Material

Pressing material can be a flower, hash, dry sift, or kief. It is crucial to remember that each strain that you press produces different tastes, yields, and results. The difference in pressure gives rise to the difference in the outcome, some rosin heat strain produces fantastic rosin, while others fall short of expectation. Pressing flowers produces quality rosin, but you’ll have a low yield. On the other hand, pressing kief or hash provides you with both excellent quality and more returns. To get the best yield, always kief your product before passing through the rosin press machine.


Producing the best rosin requires the appropriate temperature. Usually, a low temperature of about 150⁰ F - 220⁰ F produces rosin with a butter/honey-like texture, whereas the increased temperature of 220⁰ F - 250⁰ F produces sap-like rosin. No matter the condition, you do not need a rosin press kit with a temperature greater than 399⁰ F.

Heat Plates

The majority of rosin heat presses in the market today have square heat plates, which will only result in a loss of yield and burn the extract or terpenes from your plants because the oil will travel much further and lay on the heat for a more extended period. Always ensure that the rosin press kit you are purchasing has small heat plates which undisputedly guarantees higher yield and more oil extracts. The design allows your rosin oil to escape heat more quickly. Also, make sure the heat press rosin plates are made of aluminum. Unlike aluminum, stainless steel heat plates offer poor heat press distribution, and this is common with virtually all cheap rosin press machines. So be careful!

It Will be Better to Buy the Finished Rosin Press

Sincerely, it’s fascinating to build your rosin press machine, but in the end, you’ll spend a lot more than you budgeted and with absolutely nowhere to turn in case things go wrong. The truth is, if you buy many parts, it will cause headaches because it is more complicated than you expect to assemble it and you’ll be stuck buying more and more parts and spending more and more time. Save yourself the stress and avoid heartaches!

Buy a Rosin Press at a Higher Price?

Remember, when we press rosin, the quality, and yield is the first place. Rosin press with a higher price may be made with high-quality components, but that does not mean rosin press with a more competitive price can’t produce quality rosin. According to our observation, the rosin press price range from $100-$ to 10,000. It really depends on your needs and your budget, and also you need to consider what material you want to press, choosing the most appropriate one.

Undisputedly, getting the best rosin press can be challenging. But, it’s worth spending a little of your time and money to get the quality piece of equipment. Making your rosin is safe, affordable, and most of all, very simple. So, get the very best Rosin heat pressing machine and enjoy your dabbing to the maximum.