How About 3x5" Anodized Rosin Caged Cube Kit! Let Me Introduce You to Dp-Rp35s

How About a 3x5" Anodized Rosin Caged Cube Kit? Let Me Introduce You to Dp-Rp35s

This kit is geared towards the home user for personal use. The suggested press pairing is 6-10 tons, with better yields on the higher tonnage side (consider at least a 10-ton press if you are planning to use a pre-press mold to maximize capacity). 

The maximum amount of flowers that you can run through these plates per squish is 30 grams if pre-pressing your material. Loosely packed flowers in rosin filters without pre-pressing will be closer to 10-12 grams. 

There is FR4 insulation in-between the hot plates and cage frame to reduce the rate of heat absorbed by the press. The springs, bolts, and nuts are the same hardware found on the commercial/industrial version DP-RP37. The same PID controller is used with this new kit as what comes with DP-RP37, however, the heating rods are a shorter model to match the plates. The thermocouple sensor and wire are different on this model versus the DP-RP37, the change was made to a more durable design. 

The kit has a packaged weight of 14 lbs. The kit came shipped to me in discreet packaging - a brown box labeled Model: # (this was left blank) and Made in China. This package took 5 business days to reach me in rural Colorado and shipped via DHL Express from Shenzhen, China. The box was in excellent condition upon receipt. The customs description for the product was legit and unassuming "plate kits for heat press" 

The PID controller fired up with no problem and the controller reached the default temperature of 220F in approx 13 minutes. Testing with both an external thermocouple and digital IR thermometer, the plates are registering approx 10F lower than the controller. 

Touching the top and bottom of the cage frame, there is a considerable amount of heat here, so I am not sure if the FR4 insulation is preventing much extra heat from reaching the press. Either way, it is good to have insulation at the source to slow down the rate that the press steals the heat off the plates. There is of course a bamboo plank included with the kit to also insulate the bottom cage frame from the work plates on the shop press. The shop press itself is quite cool to the touch as long as the top ram is not extended down and pressing against the top plate of the cage. The bamboo does excellent to insulate the press from the heat of the plates. 

30 of these units were made for the launch, priced at $299 + $55 DHL Express Worldwide shipping. These units are only available on Dabpress's website currently, with the aim to have stock available in the US fulfilled by Amazon with Prime shipping by the end of April 2018.