Dabpess dp80 Pneumatic Heated Press Extractor - Well Suited to Squeeze 3-5g Material

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Pneumatic Heat Press


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Dabpress dp80 Home Pneumatic Heated Press With Dual Heating Plates, Solventless Oil Extractor

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  • Temperature Range: 0-399F
  • Power: 700W  
  • Voltage: 110V 
  • Platen Size: 3" x 4"
  • External Package: 21.3" x 14.2" x 13.4"
  • Gross Weight: 46lbs

  •  Dual Heating Plates and Solid Stainless Steel Machine Backbone
  •  Food Grade Stainless Steel Cover for Aluminum Heat Plates
  •  Digital PID Temperature Control
  •  Adjustable Pressure and Downstroke Speed
  •  Added Bakelite Working Range for Heat Insulation
    • Achieves Max 1,200 Pounds Of Pressure 
    • If Pressed Buds 2 Square Inch, Max 600 PSI 
    • Recommended Temp For Buds: 180 - 230F 
    • Recommended Puck Maker dp-pm3015r [Round Pucks]
    • Proper Filter Bag Is Not Available
    • Press the Pucks without the Filter Bag
    • Oil-Free Vertical Air Compressor 165 Max PSI You Should Prepare
    • Industrial Type D 1/4" Female Plug You Should Prepare
    Controller Setting:

    • Press "SET" button to activate temperature controller
    • Press ◄ button to increase and decrease the value at hundreds, tens and ones places
    • Press ▼ or ▲ from 0-9 for your desired temp
    • Press "SET" button to lock the desired temperature in place

      • dp80 Only Focus on Pressing 3.5-5g Buds
      • One Person Operation
      • Keep It Out Of Reach Of Children

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      • I cannot decide between the pneumatic press or get the 3x7 plates and use a h frame press. Which would be the best option in your opinion? I would be pressing for myself and friends i like the pneumatic one small and portable does it have enough psi and reliability only saw one video on a forum . I see that both press recommend 3.5 grams at about 600 psi. Thanks george

        I still recommend 3x7" plates to build your own hydraulic rosin press. It is because If you needn't change it in the future when you wanna try the different type of materials. 

      • I heard that the temp controlers go out fast can those be replaced easy? What brand or specs are they?

        For sure! It is very to take off the defective PID controller for replacement. Unfortunately, You have to buy from us for the best compatibility.

      • What pressure should the gauge be set to on the press?

        Please make clockwise rotation till pointer at 8, it delivers 1,000 - 1,200 PSI

      • I already brought my press. I just need the air compressor. But I got a few questions.. How can I get a certain pressure? What kind of air compressor machine do i need? What pressure o power has this machine has to make?

        Thanks for your order! we recommend 120-160psi air compresser to be paired with this penumatic rosin press. We have to make sure with you again about voltage of machine - 110V. Is that okay?

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