Dabpress iBudtek dp-bt120n Heat-sealed Rosin Sleeve Filters • 120 Micron Extraction Bags • Customize Your Own Size Filters • Made of Heat-resistant Nylon with 120 Micron

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Rosin Filters


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Dabpress iBudtek dp-bt120n Heat-sealed Rosin Extraction Sleeve Made of Heat-resistant Nylon with 120 Micron


  • Item No.: dp-bt120n
  • Item Shape: Sleeve Tube 
  • Material: Heat-Resistant Nylon Mesh
  • Diameter: 1.18″ ( 30 mm )
  • Length: 19.7″/Sleeve ( 500 mm)
  • Package Quantity: 6Pcs/Package, 118″ in Total ( 3000 mm ) 
  • Micron: 120µ 
  • Color: White

  • Get Customized Size for Amount of buds
  • Really Saving Heat-resistant Nylon Material
  • Create Clean Extracts Without The Use Of Any Chemicals or Solvents
  • Strong Stitching Design Helps Prevent Breakage and Blowouts
  • Up To 300°F/150°C
  • Dye-Free 
    • iBudtek dp-bt120n Only Pair A Rosin Plates Powered by Hydraulic Press
    • dp-bt120n Heat-sealed Rosin Press Bags Are Designed to Work with Buds of 3.5-14g 
    • Recommend dp-pm3015r to Work with dp-bt120n
    • Recommend 3.5g Bag for dp-rp33 for optimal yield
    • Recommend 7g Bag for dp-rp35 & dp-rp35s for optimal yield
    • Recommend 2x7g Bags for dp-rp37 for optimal yield

    • Pair Round or Square Pucks
    • the Height Between Two Rosin Plates Could Be Easily Controlled By Hands
    • No Stitch at the Side of Rosin Sleeve Filter
    • dp80 and dp100 Does Not Fit This Rosin Sleeve Unless Stitching By Yourself
    • Recommend 3.5g for dp80 Pneumatic Rosin Press Unless Stitching By Yourself
    • Recommend 3.5-7g for dp100 Pneumatic Rosin Press Unless Stitching By Yourself
    • Nylon Mesh Bag Max Temp < 300°F
    • Do Not Put Over 10g Material in Each Customized Rosin Bag
    • Recommend Single Use Only
    Watch YouTube Videos Here - How to Use Our Rosin Sleeve for Money Saving


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