Bottom Plate Holder - Hold Down the Bottom Heat Plate to keep the Plates Aligned for Safety

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Bottom Plates Holder
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Bottom Heat Plate Holder - Hold Down the Bottom Plates to keep the Plates Aligned for Safe Process

# There is a piece of bottom plate holder only included in the package to the certain uncaged kit ( 3x5" and 4x7" uncaged kit ) as a gift.


  • Heat Plates Aligned Guaranteed - Hold down the bottom platen to align with the top platen in the working process.
  • Working in Safty - Prevents the bottom platen from sliding by accident during the process.


  • Long threaded rod: 9.8" /250mm in length;
  • Backing Plates: 9"/230mm in length;
  • Double Bolts: M10 threads


  • The bamboo insulator is not included inside the package.
  • Recommend to get a piece of the similar size rough wood for heat insulation.
  • Please figure it out whether there is a thread in the bottom platen before shopping
  • The uncaged kit of ( dp-rp35 & dp-rp47 ) already included a bottom plate holder inside the package
  • It is optional to the caged press plates kits ( dp-rp35s & dp-rp37 ), the bottom plate holder doesn't include.

How To Setup the Heated Plates for Alignment:

  1. Install the top heated plates onto the ram of the hydraulic press.
  2. Install the bottom heated plate using the long threaded rod through the bamboo insulation, then attached to the worktable plate.
  3. Lower the ram on the hydraulic press just until both plates touch.
  4. Adjust the position of the plates if necessary, so they are aligned.
  5. Ensure bamboo plank is aligned under the bottom plate.
  6. Tighten the nut on the long threaded rod to secure it to the worktable plate below.

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    User Manual & Troubleshooting Includes:

    - Recommendations on Materials Loaded
    - How to Begin Extracting
    - How to Start
    - Installation
    - Important Notices
    - Questions & Answers
    - Troubleshooting

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