5.5x7 DIY Large Caged Press Plates Kit - Pairs It Well with A 20-30 Ton H-frame Hydraulic Press

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Caged Press Plates
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Large Rosin Caged Press Plates Kit with 5.5x7" Heated Elements - Pairs It Well with A 20-30 Ton H-frame Shop Press


  • Heavy-duty Mount - Made of 4-piece stainless steel rods and durable 6061 aluminum plates, pairs it well with an h-frame hydraulic press as commercial use.
  • 5.5x7" Heat Press Platens - Well suited to squeeze large amount at a time for industrial use; Pairs it well with up to 20-ton hydraulic shop press
  • Food-grade Working Surface - Dual heated platens made of anodized 6061 aluminum guaranteed to clean up easily.
  • 4pc Heating Rods - Quick and even heating up by 1,200-watt PID temp controller box. 
  • Long Working Life Guaranteed - The heating rods have a service life of more than 6,000 times.

    • Temperature Range: 0-399F
    • Power: 1,200W | 4 Heating Rods
    • Voltage: 110/220 Volts 
    • Plate Size: 5.5" x 7" 
    • Rosin Cage Dimensions: 3.5" x 11" x 6.3"
    • External Package: 15.3" x 13.8" x 9"
    • Gross Weight: 26lbs
    • Distance/Clearance Between up and bottom platen: 35mm/1.38"

    Hydraulic Press for Pairing:

    • 5.5x7" cage works great with the H-frame hydraulic press with the proper clearance.
    • 5.5x7" cage well pairs it with 20-30 ton hydraulic press as commercial use.

    How to Avoid the Filter Bags from Blowing out?

    • Remove excess stems from flowers.
    • Use less material in your filter bag.
    • Preheating your material first to get it melty before you begin to apply pressure.
    • Apply the pressure more slowly.
    Manual & Troubleshooting Includes:

    • How to choose filters and prepress molds.
    • The yields are not very good, why?
    • How to install the DIY press plates kits
    • How to choose hydraulic press for pairing
    • How to apply the pressure for optimal yield and quality?
    • How to begin extracting.
    • Important notice.
    • Troubleshooting.
    • Question and answer.
    • Check it out here (Highly recommended to read it before doing a purchase).

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      Happy with product more heavy duty than I thought but glad


      Everyting was perfect / 🥳


      Thumbs up


      Everything was perfect!!

      as of right now.

      At first glance the 5.5"x7" came in undamaged and looks heavy duty and very well built. Cant wait to try it out in a month or two. Gotta save up for my H frame press now. Will update review when I do so.

      User Manual & Troubleshooting Includes:

      - Recommendations on Materials Loaded
      - How to Begin Extracting
      - How to Start
      - Installation
      - Important Notices
      - Questions & Answers
      - Troubleshooting

      User Manual List:

      1, Cylinder Pre Press Mold 
      2, 2X4" Pre Press Mold 
      3, DIY Uncaged Press Plates Kit 
      4, Bottle Jack Styled Rosin Press 
      5, DIY Caged Press Plates Kit 
      6, Hydraulic Cylinder Styled Rosin Press 
      7, Rosin Bags & Combo 
      8, Hydraulic Hand Pump with Gauge 


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      • Is it possible to heat higher than 399 degrees? Most controllers in the setup menu will allow adjustment of temp. Thank you Dave

        Hello Dave, Thanks for reaching out. Since the PID controller of default setting is 399F, user can't adjust it by themselves. Sorry about that.

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