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3x7 Filter Standard Pack - 120 Micron Nylon Filters (25pc Per Pack) for Flower Extraction

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Filter Standard Pack
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Rosin Press Bags | 3x7" Filter Standard Pack - 120 Micron Nylon Filters (25pc Per Pack) for Flower Extraction


  • Bulk Pack - Including 25pc durable filter bags in a pack made of food-grade nylon screen.
  • Flexible PETP Sheets - Including flexible PETP sheets for loading compressed products easier.
  • Inside-out Filters - All filter bags are made of nylon mesh screen and pre-flipped to save time & ready to use.
  • Prepress in Pairing - Pairs it well with 40mm-plunger cylinder prepress mold.

  • 3x7" 120-micron filter standard pack
  • Material: Heat-Resistant nylon mesh
  • Filter Size: 3" x 7"
  • 25pc Per Pack

    How to Avoid Filter Bags from Blowing out?

    • Remove excess stems from flowers.
    • Use less material in your filter bag.
    • Preheating your material first to get it melty before you begin to apply pressure.
    • Apply the pressure more slowly.
    Manual & Troubleshooting Includes:

    • Recommendations on materials loaded
    • The yields are not very good, why?
    • How to install the DIY press plates kits
    • How to apply the pressure for optimal yield and quality?
    • How to begin extracting.
    • Question & answer
    • Troubleshooting
    • Check it out here (Highly recommended to read it before doing purchase)

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        User Manual & Troubleshooting Includes:

        - Recommendations on Materials Loaded
        - How to Begin Extracting
        - How to Start
        - Installation
        - Important Notices
        - Questions & Answers
        - Troubleshooting

        User Manual List:

        1, Cylinder Pre Press Mold 
        2, 2X4" Pre Press Mold 
        3, DIY Uncaged Press Plates Kit 
        4, Bottle Jack Styled Rosin Press 
        5, DIY Caged Press Plates Kit 
        6, Hydraulic Cylinder Styled Rosin Press 
        7, Rosin Bags & Combo 
        8, Hydraulic Hand Pump with Gauge 


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