Dabpress Rosin Plate Features:

  •  Made Of 6061 Hard Aluminum Blocks 
  •  Food Grade Anodized Aluminum  
  •  Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller
  •  Stainless Steel Heat Rod
  •  Stable Temperature Controller Box 
  • Accurate Temperature Sensor 
  • Heater rod do not share one hole with temp sensor
  •  Temperature Range: 1-399F
  •  Voltage: 110 Volt
How To Pick Up Your Rosin Plate Kits?
    • Regardless of whether rosin plates have anodized or not?
    • Is real food grade aluminum?
    • Is aluminum block sufficiently hard to settle your arbor or hydraulic jack?
    • Is anything but difficult to clean and work better?
    • Up plate inner hole fit your press ram nose or not?
    • PID controller box can work for quite a while and Is it durable?
    • What amount of material will you have to press each time?
    • What kind of hydraulic jack do you have or you want?
    • Is that Accurate temperature with this box?

       Choose It You desired:  

      • Dabpress dp-rp33 rosin plate kit with 3″×3″ and dp-tc2r temp controller box
      • Dabpress dp-rp35 rosin plate kit with 3″×5″ and dp-tc2r temp controller box
      • Dabpress dp-rp37 rosin cube kit with 3″×7″ and dp-tc2r temp controller box

      Our Suggestions:

      • dp-rp33 and dp-rp35 fits the part of arbor press or hydraulic jack even drill Press
      • dp-rp37 rosin cube kit suited to 10-20 ton hydraulic jack 
      • Use together with our punch puck maker and magnet positioning jigs 
      • Whenever the machine is being operated or not, keep it out of reach of children
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