Rosin Bags


Dabpress Rosin Bag Features:
  • Create Clean Extracts Without The Use Of Any Chemicals or Solvents
  • Strong Stitching Design Helps Prevent Breakage And Blowouts
  • 160µ Fit Your Flower Trim Shake 
  • Up To 300°F/150°C
  • 15 PCS In One Pack
  • Dye-Free 
What Kind of Rosin Filter Bags did We offer?
    • Rosin Filters, Pouches, Screens & Tea Bags Made from Nylon Mesh
    • Rosin Filters, Pouches, Screens & Tea Bags Made from Stainless Steel
    How to Choose the Right Rosin Bags?
      • 25µ 37µ 73µ Micron Recommend For Hash Dry Sift Kief 
      • 120µ 160µ 190µ Micron Recommended For Flower Trim Shake 
      • When Pressing Flowers, Less is More.
      • Smaller Nugs Produce More Surface Area, More Surface Area Means More Rosin

         Choose It You desired:

        • dp-rb80n fits dp80 and dp-rb100n fits dp100
        • dp-rb33n fits dp-rp33 rosin plates
        • dp-rb35n and dp-rb35m is for dp-rp35 rosin plates
        • dp-rb37n and dp-rb37m is for dp-rp37 rosin cube kit

        Our Suggestions:

        • rb37m and rb35m more suited to commercial use
        • Parts of nylon mesh bags will be broken If work with 15-20 ton hydraulic press
        • rb80n rb100n rp33n rp35n is 160-micron mesh bag 
        • whenever the these are being operated or not, keep it out of reach of children