3x5 DIY Caged Rosin Press Kit - Build A 10-12 Ton Rosin Heat Press Machine for Personal Use

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3x5 DIY Caged Rosin Press Kit -  Building Your Own Rosin Heat Press Machine for Personal Use


  • 10mm-thickness Insulatior - SGS certified food grade Insulation, heats up to 200F about 4-5 minutes and protects the hydraulics from overheating.
  • M8 Size Threads In Bottom Platen - The cage can be secured on the hydraulic press for safety; No bottom plate holder included.
  • 3x5" Heated Platens - 3x5" size platen suited to squeeze 3.5-28g materials at a time.
  • Food-grade Working Surface - Dual heated platens made of anodized 6061 aluminum guaranteed to clean up easily.
  • Accurate Temp Detected - Separated thermocouples and heating rods detect and deliver an accurate temperature.
  • Long Working Life Guaranteed - The heating rods have a service life of more than 6,000 times.


  • Temperature Range: 0-399F
  • Power: 500W 
  • Voltage: 110/220V
  • Platen Size: 3" x 5"
  • Cube Dimensions: 3.5" x 8.6" x 5.5"
  • External Package: 14.2" x 13.2" x 9.4"
  • Total Weight: 14.5lbs
  • Clearance between Upper and Bottom Platens: 33mm/1.3"

How to Avoid the Filter Bags from Blowing out?

  • Remove excess stems from flowers.
  • Use less material in your filter bag.
  • Preheating your material first to get it melty before you begin to apply pressure.
  • Apply the pressure more slowly.
Manual & Troubleshooting Includes:

  • How to choose filters and prepress molds.
  • The yields are not very good, why?
  • How to install the DIY press plates kits
  • How to choose hydraulic press for pairing
  • How to apply the pressure for optimal yield and quality?
  • How to begin extracting.
  • Important notice.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Question and answer.
  • Check it out here (Highly recommended to read it before doing a purchase).

          Customer Reviews

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          Super high quality press kit.

          I purchased the 3x5 cage kit and it does everything I need it to. Paired with a harbor freight 12 ton shop press I have quite the unit for under $500.
          Thanks again Dabpress....


          3x5 DIY Caged Rosin Press Kit - Build A 10-12 Ton Rosin Heat Press Machine for Personal Use


          The supplied instructions are in a very small print...you'll definitely need a magnifying glass!
          Operating instructions on the temperature controller were somewhat obscure and the YouTube tutorial wasn't helpful in the least as it lacked a narrative.

          Dear Michael, I am sorry to bring the inconvenience. We are working on offering NEW user guide in future. Thanks for your comments. Best regards, Dabpress Team
          $500 in parts made a $2000 press

          Bought these to put in a 12 ton press I got for about $150. This thing works great! Easy to setup, turn on, dial in. Checked with a heat gun and the stock temp sensors were right on! 12 ton hydraulic makes it so easy to press rosin that I can do most of it with two fingers. When I gotta clean I just dial it to 110 and wipe gently with some coconut oil.

          Great product, thank you.

          So Happy With This Press

          This is the first time I ever pressed, and it was a piece of cake. Couldn't believe the yield as it was close to 25%. The puckmaker is extremely helpful and truly is perfect for the rosin bags. I left the cage at the default setting of 190 degrees and it was perfect. There is so much talk about how much exact pressure you should use and all that. A manual press has no gauge for pressure, and all I can say is that it really is not a big deal. I figured it all out on the first press. I am so glad I bought this, and the company's support is 5 star.

          User Manual & Troubleshooting Includes:

          - Recommendations on Materials Loaded
          - How to Begin Extracting
          - How to Start
          - Installation
          - Important Notices
          - Questions & Answers
          - Troubleshooting

          User Manual List:

          1, Cylinder Pre Press Mold 
          2, 2X4" Pre Press Mold 
          3, DIY Uncaged Press Plates Kit 
          4, Bottle Jack Styled Rosin Press 
          5, DIY Caged Press Plates Kit 
          6, Hydraulic Cylinder Styled Rosin Press 
          7, Rosin Bags & Combo 
          8, Hydraulic Hand Pump with Gauge 


          Ask a Question
          • Can the top plate handle 10 -12 tons pulling down if the bolts were replaced with longer ones that reach the base like in your set up?

            We never tried that, but I consider it will be no issue.

          • is this made from 6061 grade aluminium? Dabpress dp-rp35s 3x5

            Dabpress' caged press plates kit made of 6061 aluminum and stainless steel.

          • What is the least amount I should be squishing with this set up?

            1g material also works great with this unit. As usual, We recommend 3.5g - 28g 

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